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1930s Fashion History, Costume Images and
Social History 1930-1940

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Costume History, Photographs and Fashion Images from the 1930s.

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Stylish Thirties

A return to a more feminine form and glamorous evening wear influenced by Madeline Vionnet's cross cut dresses. Schiaparelli's witty styles.

Wallis Simpson's classic simple chic.

Beach fashions and health and beauty. The invention of nylon.

1930 Fashion Photos

1930s Fashions in old wedding photos and in daywear photographs of the 1930s.

Weddings photos of 1931, 1935 and 1937.

Life Between the Wars 1920-1940

The mood of Britain after the end of World War II in 1918. Interwar problems and the transition of two economies.  

The rise of consumerism and innovative more unisex fashions for women.

Hats 1930-1939

Hats in a much wider variety of styles than had been spied for well over a decade, were at last back in fashion.

Hairstyles 1930-1939

Grooming of the face with now acceptable make up more artfully applied and pencil thin eyebrows together with a sleek upswept hairdo completed the thirties look.

1930's Black Costume Silhouettes


1930 Good Housekeeping Fashion Trousseau 1

A look at some fashion article images which discuss new colours and details in a trousseau for Spring 1930

1930 Good Housekeeping Fashion Images 2

A look at more 1930s fashion
Article with images from
April 1930.

1930 Good Housekeeping Fashion Images 3

More black and white fashion images from April 1930 Good Housekeeping magazine.

October 1930 Good Housekeeping Fashion Images 4

Autumn fashions images from October 1930 Good Housekeeping magazine.

1932 Good Housekeeping
Pictures 5

Pictures of fashions from Easter and December 1932 Good Housekeeping Magazine.

Costume Drawings 1930-1932

Line drawings of silhouettes of the 1930s fashion.

1930 Pattern Draft Chart for a Coat

Chart from Women's Wear magazine.
 Sept 1930 - winter coat fashion.

1930 Coats
Fashion Images from Women's Wear Magazine

Some of the coat images are suitable as line drawings for colouring in work at A4 size.


Costume Drawings 1933-1935

Costume Drawings 1936-1937

Costume Drawings 1938-1939

1930s Outline Costume Silhouettes

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