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Fashion History 1930s

 Good Housekeeping Fashion Design Images April 1930 - 3

C20th Fashion History 1930s

By Pauline Weston Thomas for


April 1930 - Good Housekeeping Fashion Design Images Part 3

C20th Fashion History 1930s

Here is another selection of pictures from a Good Housekeeping magazine of April 1930.  It showed some evening wear, sporty garments, afternoon dresses and some knitwear. This April 1930 fashion issue advised on Paris fashions by the House of Worth.  Worth favoured sports spectator looks using sports red, navy blue and white.  Unlike the images on other pages these are smaller pictures than usual even when enlarged.


April 1930 - Good Housekeeping Fashion Images 3

 The Good Housekeeping magazine advised buying the fashionable 1930 trousseau in 'smart' New York shops, choosing suits or dresses of the latest styles and suitable for nothing more strenuous than a ladylike afternoon tea or bridge.

April 1930 - Good Housekeeping Fashion Images 3 - Suirs April 1930 - Good Housekeeping Fashion Images 3 - Soft Dresses April 1930 - Good Housekeeping Fashion Images 3 - Sleeves are shorter.

The 1930 magazine fashion article concentrated on defining the early 1930 sleeve styles and suggested choosing between the short sleeves or three quarter length sleeves shown far right.  Bold contrasting smart colours like navy blue, red and white were typical colour schemes.

Day wear - April 1930 - Good Housekeeping Fashion Images 3 Knitwear - April 1930 - Good Housekeeping Fashion Images 3
The influence of Coco Chanel is clear in the 2 images above. The relaxed and easy wrap cardigan jacket is stylish and simple in line whilst the knitwear tops are crisp and clean in cut with sporty trims of simple stripes a world away from the Edwardian era of 30 years before.  The knitwear promoted here was hand knitted.  Knitting reached fine art in the 1930s and was contoured and more fashioned to the body than in the 1920s.
Sports events - April 1930 - Good Housekeeping Fashion Images 3 Evening wear - April 1930 - Good Housekeeping Fashion Images 3 Twilight dressing - April 1930 - Good Housekeeping Fashion Images 3
Every aspect of the the requirements of the 1930 trousseau was covered. From outfits for sports such as golf as both participants and as spectators watching a partner play. Romantic and very glamorous chic evening and cocktail dresses were intended to finish the day in the grand manner.
Daywear - April 1930 - Good Housekeeping Fashion Images 3 Suits and a redngote - April 1930 - Good Housekeeping Fashion Images 3 Dresses and jackets - April 1930 - Good Housekeeping Fashion Images 3
Practical go anywhere outfits like the suits and jackets above were useful outfits for many occasions.  The woman of 1930 was to appear groomed and feminine whatever the occasion.

The original scans for the images above are all courtesy of Cynthia McCracken of Florida who sells vintage paper ephemera and will shortly be selling ebooks of similar images from her vast collection of magazine ephemera.   Thank you Cynthia.

You can read more detailed fashion history text about 1930's fashions for women in my page on the stylish thirties and see more larger 1930 Good Housekeeping fashions on the previous page. You can see some free line drawings of earlier 1930s silhouettes here.  You can read how to date an old photo in this section here.   Hats are very helpful when dating photos as are hairstyles so try my sections here.

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