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C19th & C20th Costume History Children's Pictures in Fashion History

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Pages Below are of C19th Girl's Costume Colouring-in Pictures

I've studied costume drawings from a book I have dated 1930 and made similar drawings using felt pens.  These produce a heavier outline suitable for children to colour in and keep within lines. If you click on the costume history thumbnails they enlarge into A4 print size leaving a small space for some written notes.  Added 24 July 2006

These fashion sketches are ideal for school, college and amateur dramatic costume use.  Pupils could remodel the pictures by colouring in, producing costume timeline scenes or foundation guides for fabric collage work.

General Text Summary of Girl's C19th Costume

A general look at costume changes for girls with some fashion plates.

This section below has free costume history line drawings of children in costume, mostly girls in typical dress of a decade or era.  See also the many black and white adult silhouette links

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Children's Costume
1775 to 1800

Costume colouring in outline drawings for 1775 - 1800

Children's Costume
1800 to 1810

Costume colouring in outline drawings for 1800 - 1810

Children's Costume
1810 to 1820

Costume colouring in outline drawings for 1810 -1820

Children's Costume

Costume colouring in outline drawings for 1820 - 1830

Children's Costume

Costume colouring in outline drawings for 1830 - 1840

Children's Costume

Costume colouring in outline drawings for 1840 - 1850

Children's Costume

Costume colouring in outline drawings for 1850 - 1860

Children's Costume

Costume colouring in outline drawings for 1860 - 1870


Children's Costume

Costume colouring in outline drawings for 1870 - 1880

Children's Costume

Costume colouring in outline drawings for 1880 - 1890


Children's Costume

Costume colouring in outline drawings for 1880 - 1900



Children's Costume
1900 - 1910

Costume colouring in outline drawings for 1900 - 1910


Children's Costume
1910 - 1920

Costume colouring in outline drawings for 1910 - 1920


C19th Colour Images of Girls

Plus - Other children pages include following:-

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These colouring-in images are ideal for class use as extra material to give to those in mixed ability groups who finish their work earlier than others.  Most pages here added 5 June 2006.


Costume re-enactors will find great costumes at the site below.  From crinoline dresses to Gibson girl styles and small under accessories such as hooped crinoline petticoats, small bustles, over petticoats, trained petticoats, camisoles and long drawers.

More variety can be seen at their website 

 Recollections Victorian Styled Clothing for Women  

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