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Recollections for Victorian and Edwardian costumes

Free Christmas Stencils

Christmas Customs
Online Advent Calendar
Free Christmas Stencils

By Pauline Weston Thomas for


Christmas Customs - Free Christmas Stencils


Christmas Stencils

Here is a collection of free stencils suitable for using at Christmas. The stencils are arranged as an online advent calendar, which you could share with your children.  You could either visit this page daily, or save the images you like best right now.

Coloured candle stencil

Online Fun Advent Calendar

Free Stencils for Christmas

Coloured candle stencil

Scroll to see the Advent Calendar and Click on individual pictures to print off a stencil.  Carefully use a craft knife or small pointed scissors to cut away the white areas of paper.  For the full effect on the wider stencils in the column for numbers 3, 7 and 23 set your printer to print as landscape format or size them by inches or centimetres yourself to suit you.  You can also print them onto Overhead Projector film as then they are washable and can be used year after year.

Use the free stencils for decorating windows, cakes, friezes in schools and play schools or just for fun at home on a rainy day.  Size them all to small squares and make your own advent calendar in felt by adding one item every day.  Happy stencilling in Advent.

Click on the pictures to enlarge

1 2 3 4 5
Angel stencil Xmas tree stencil Bell stencil Xmas stocking and toys stencil Holly stencil
5 6 7 9 10
Candle stencil with holly Bell stencil Xmas tree stencil and snow scene Snowman stencil Bauble stencil
11 12 13 14 15
Xmas tree stencil Teddy Bear stencil Merry Christmas lettering stencil Victorian carol singers Christmas  stencil Christmas Plum pudding stencil
16 17 18 19 20
Bells and holly stencil Gift box stencil Angel stencil Snowflake stencil Candles on Xmas tree stencil
21 22 23 24 25
Holly, bows and berries Xmas wreath stencil 'We Three Kings of Orient Are' stencil Santa and 2 reindeer stencil Plump Father Xmas stencil Nativity Mary and Joseph and Jesus stencil
Click on the individual stencil thumbnails to enlarge and print off

Advice To Teachers

If you make these free Christmas stencils outlines larger, then they are suitable for larger rooms like classrooms.  If made daintier and smaller, then you can use them with coloured food powders on cakes.  The stencils can also be used to make scenes and collages when coloured by individual children and amassed as a group work.  White snow paint can be used with them for windows or gold paint for table linen or trays.  You can also make them in black card and use coloured cellophane behind them to create stained glass effects for light catchers or classroom friezes.

Enlarge the thumbnails and either print off whilst online, or save the Christmas stencils to your graphics folder or in My Pictures or in a special folder you make called Christmas.  You can also print them off at the size you wish using the printer set up guide and adjusting the scale.  You can also import these free Christmas stencils into a Microsoft Word document and enlarge or reduce them there by dragging the corners of the picture in or out and perhaps making a work sheet from them for class or nursery use.

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For superb Victorian or Edwardian
re-enactment costumes in USA, try the reproduction costume range at:
Recollections for Victorian and Edwardian costumes