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Christmas Customs
The Book by Peter Bertolero

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Christmas Customs - Observations on Christmas Traditions
GreenTree - The Book by Dr. Peter Bertolero

Father Peter Bertolero author of GreentreeGreenTree by Pastor Pete Bertolero Father Peter Bertolero first wrote last year to tell me of his book GreenTree.  I think many visitors who find themselves browsing my Christmas pages may well be seeking the kind of observational information Dr. Bertolero writes about in his book GreenTree.  The book captures the essence of many Christmas traditions and celebrations.

He wrote 'Should you be interested in more information on Christmas traditions, and if there is any chance that Jesus was born on December 25th, for instance, or if the use of Christmas greenery such as holly, and evergreen trees is ok ....interesting stuff like this, not argued for over the past 50 to 100 years, is in the book. It is very empowering for those families who want to deepen their Advent and Christmas observations, and helps them celebrate the birth of Christ more festively. ' 

So, yes I was interested in Dr. Peter Bertolero's thoughts and observations and here below with Peter's permission, is a copy of his article describing his GreenTree book. 

GreenTree by Pastor Pete Bertolero

Have you ever wondered if Christmas trees have any place in the celebration of Christ’s birth?  Is there evidence to prove that Jesus was actually born on December 25th or did the early church really borrow that date from a pagan celebration, as many believe?  How can we avoid the materialistic influence of our world during the Advent season and yet still enter fully and joyously into the celebration of Christmas? GreenTree by Pastor Pete Bertolero

The answers and truths presented in GreenTree might surprise you.  It gives the reader a deeper understanding of the traditions and symbols of Advent, Christmas and Epiphany, as well as a 'how to' manual for those desiring to observe the Christmas holidays more meaningfully.

GreenTree is a rich and practical resource that will bring lasting meaning to the observance and celebration of Christmas.  The glossary alone is a wealth of information, citing the history behind many beloved Christmas carols, decorations, and holiday traditions.  GreenTree welcomes you to a world of Christmas hospitality and joyous truths, helping you keep the light of Christ burning more brightly in your home this Advent season, and for generations to come.

Dr. Pete Bertolero is both a theologian and Pastor of 25 years of a dynamic and growing church, in Fresno, CA. His three doctorates include theology, philosophy and Christian leadership.  His GreenTree writing style is enjoyable yet unique as is also evident in the family devotionals and valuable pastoral resources he has created.

Pastor Pete's Advent, Christmas and Epiphany sermons have sparked a renewal in many families toward making their 'Christmassing' more Christ-centred, Biblical, and fun.
Dr. Bertolero and his wife, SueJae, live in Fresno and are the proud parents of three teenagers.

What Peter Thinks Readers Will Discover in GreenTree

How to make Advent and Christmas Celebrations more meaningful, festive and Christ centred.

An easy to follow format for weekly devotions to deepen a family's understanding of Christmas
The real meaning of Christmas traditions, decorations and the ancient OT metaphor for curse - breaking and restoration - the Evergreen tree!
Valuable glossary and resources for parents, pastors, and Bible study leaders.

GreenTree by Peter Bertolero

'A wonderful book to own, an even better gift to give!'

I think Dr. Bertolero captures the essence of many Christmas traditions and celebrations in his book GreenTree.

GreenTree Review from Countess Maria Hubert von Staufer

Countess Maria Hubert von Staufer - a world historian on Christmas and author of Christmas Archives International has recently reviewed Pastor Pete's book - GreenTree. There is virtually no other more respected or knowledgeable authority on International Christmas Traditions than the Countess.

The comments below on GreenTree are by Countess Maria Hubert von Staufer a world authority on Christmas...

'I rarely review Christmas books by other authors.  I suppose, having studied the Festive Season in all its facets for some thirty years or more, I have become a little particular in my choices!  Call it inverted snobbery if you will! Many books are re-writes of information which has been previously published, just taken from the previous generation of books, and without any new or original research to verify the old facts.

Our Victorian fathers were great historians and innovators.  Many wished to get down the facts of Christmas (and other festivals of course) before they died out.  The Reformation and the later Civil War in the 16th-17th centuries meant that many of our customs were banned as ‘pagan’.  Sacramentals, that is, church ceremonies which became customs, were forgotten for several generations, their religious significance lost and only the bones of a tradition left which no-one knew the reason behind.  This then was the noble desire of the late 18th and early 19th century gentlemen, many of them clerics.  They wrote books on customs, music, costume, dances, everything imaginable to prevent so much of our colourful history and custom being lost forever.

However, in several instances, facts were erroneous, taken from a scanty reference, and with no means available to them to cross-reference, these facts stood for all time as true.  I have spent half a lifetime catching up on all the cross-referencing!  And even then it is impossible to get all the facts right!

So this is why I am sceptical about recommending books.  But so many have asked me to do so that I have begun to look for suitable titles to recommend.

So, here is the first of my recommendations: GREENTREE - A book about Christmas for those who desire to celebrate the Christmas season in a deeper, more meaningful and festive way by Dr Pete Bertolero.'  
End of Countess Maria's GreenTree book review.

My thanks to Father Bertolero for his help in introducing you to the Christmas book GreenTree.


The GreenTree

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We DO NOT sell this book from this website.
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For superb Victorian or Edwardian
re-enactment costumes in USA, try the reproduction costume range at:
Recollections for Victorian and Edwardian costumes