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Christmas Fancy Dress for Kids

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Christmas Fancy Dress for Kids


High Street Role Play & Fancy Dress Costumes

It's so easy these days to buy ready made inexpensive fancy dress costumes for children.  Gone are the days when parents struggled for hours with a wire coat hanger attempting to make 'wings' for a fairy or to make a magic star wand.   I recall many years ago my sister having to sew two striped towels together with holes for the arms and head to create a biblical costume for a disciple for an an Easter story play.Fairy dress from

My advice is just buy ready made low cost Christmas fancy dress costumes online from Marks and Spencers, Next, Peacocks, John Lewis, Woolworths or other UK high street stores.   

Specialist costuming firms like Recollections and have adult re-enactment items plus 'festive' velvet clothes for children too. 

The fairy dress right was from Next.  Debenhams, Marks, Woolworths and John Lewis all sell fairy dresses worthy of the finest fairies.

John Lewis had this lovely pink Disney Princess outfit of top and skirt shown right.

One of the very best selections of dress up, role play or fancy dress costumes I have seen is on the Woolworths UK website.  Some stock is still arriving.  I urge you to check out the broad range of role play costumes at Woolworths.  They have animal costumes such as sheep, camels and reindeer, plus nativity costumes for the main characters. 

Costume at Woolworth.

In addition there is a great Snow White, plus a variety of fairy costumes, Darth Vadar, Batman, a gorilla, an elf and even a Policeman are typical of their selection. Most role play costumes at Woolworths are priced around 10 to 15.  You can check their latest stock by visiting their online website.

They also stock Star Wars Lightsabres.  For adults there are Santa suits for Father Xmas and Mother Xmas. reindeer garment  - Rodney Children's Poncho  100% cotton. Sizes 3/5 years (60cm chest 60cm length) 6/8 years (63cm chest 70cm length) 975-372-G40 15.99I noticed  Marks and Spencer had many different dressing up fancy dress character outfits for children online.  All the items were ranged between 8 and 20 and were quite varied including Harry Potter outfits for several male and female characters, a fairy outfit at 10, Batman, Superman, Mr Incredible, and a pirate suit Xmas Pudding hat from were not neglected and there was a wonderful baby Santa outfit at 8 and a baby reindeer outfit too. 

You can check the latest stock selection by visiting their online website. also has a great toddler reindeer wrap shown left.  This is perfect for a wandering toddler on Xmas morning who just refuses to dress when engrossed in Xmas toys.   The toddler would be safe and warm and there will be no fuss about getting covered up as the reindeer item is a fun outfit to wear.  The Xmas pudding hat for baby is also from NEXT - love it.

BallerinasBallet tutu.

Pattern 5136 ballerina tutu image courtesy of For little ballerinas use this Simplicity Tutu and Ballet dress pattern and make an outfit exactly as your little prima donna ballerina sees herself!!  It is Simplicity pattern number 5136 and is available from . Or you could use this Bella ballerina tutu from Woolworths.

In the UK you can get great low cost ballet wear tutus and fancy dress at  In particular they have variations of net tutus that are perfect for current looks of visible net petticoats showing beneath skirts. Various lengths and colour mixes of net are available.

If you need a wand or wings in a hurry this may be a good choice. A hair ornament I ordered on a Monday over the internet arrived promptly Tuesday morning. Great service.

If you are seeking theatrical standard custom made costume items for children, you could check out my page on Shirley Eborn.

Sewing Patterns for Dress Up Costumes

You can see more sewing patterns for Christmas fancy dress costumes on this new page.  Meanwhile, below are a few styles for all year outfits you could easily run up if you like sewing.  The Harry Potter ensembles are especially good and you will find Star wars patterns and other fun fancy dress patterns for children, adults and men at the website. sewing pattern number 4458 sewing pattern number 4453 - Ladybird sewing pattern number 4462 - Harry Potter sewing pattern number 5357 - Belly Dancer

You can see more sewing patterns for character fancy dress costumes on this new page.  It includes Wizard of Oz costumes and other fancy dress all suitable for children.

All sewing pattern images courtesy of


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