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 Christmas Paper Doll & Book Ideas

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Christmas Paper Dolls & Books - Ideas
Christmas Customs - Ideas for Xmas


Bonnie Holden's Paper Dolls

Christmas is a time when people are looking for Xmas gift ideas not only for others, but the fulfilment of ideas for themselves.  Whether child or adult when you know someone loves crafts, drawing, art related textiles, software or fashion design, it's nice to find a gift suited to their personality.

For many years Bonnie Holden was a fashion illustrator and later became a painter of Victorian themed paintings.  You may already be familiar with her nostalgic work which is sold by stores such as Nordstrom and Disney.  She has also created images of Victorian ladies for Avon Cosmetics.

Bonnie now also writes stories and creates the paper doll artwork for a young Victorian lady called Rebecca.  Rebecca is a very special young Victorian lady who grew up in Charleston, S.C. before, and during the post Civil War period.  Rebecca's early years were in a period when Charleston a wealthy city, but the Civil War changed all that.  Rebecca has many adventures in her youth, but the sixth and last book of the series is 'Rebecca's Christmas'.  The images are quite magical and if you love paper dolls this series is a must for you. 

Bonnie Holden's
Paper Dolls Sample

Paper Doll Images Courtesy of
Bonnie Holden

Bonnie Holden's Paper Dolls Sample

One particular feature I wanted to tell you about is the personalization of these paper doll creations that Bonnie can do for you if you want the products custom-made. 

Xmas Paper Doll Images Courtesy of Bonnie Holden

Bonnie Holden's Paper Dolls Sample Bonnie Holden's Paper Dolls Sample

Bonnie Holden can change the paper doll's hair colour in any scenes and can also change the complexion so that people of any race can have a culturally friendly gift. 

Amazingly she does not charge extra for this service. There are other features that Bonnie can add or subtract to her work especially for you to make it a very personalized gift.  You can read much more about paper dolls at Bonnie's site called

A Selection of Christmas Paper Dolls & Books

A Selection of Christmas Paper Dolls & Books

Most of these paper doll books feature Christmas themes or may interest young girls who like ballet and fairies.  Some books are stickers and a few are pop up books. Use the search facility to find many more paper doll fashion pages on this site.

 Santa Claus Paper Dolls in Full Color
Santa Claus Paper Dolls in Full Color


Winter's Tale: An Original Pop-up Journey
Christmas in Camelot (Magic Tree House Series #29)
Teddy Bears Trim the Tree: A Christmas Pull-the-Tab Book  
Snowmen at Christmas
Polly Pratt Paper Dolls
Fashion Angels - A Heavenly Wardrobe
Fashion Angels - A Heavenly Wardrobe  
Papercrafts Around The World
Three-Dimensional Victorian Doll House
Felicity Wishes Snowflakes and Sparkledust
Nutcracker Ballet Paper Dolls
Flower Fairies Paper Dolls


My Book of Little House Christmas Paper Dolls: Christmas on the Prairie (Little House Series)
My Book of Little House Christmas Paper Dolls: Christmas on the Prairie (Little House Series)
 Nutcracker Sticker Paper Doll
Nutcracker Sticker Paper Doll


Christmas Angel Sticker Paper Doll


 Paper Doll Christmas: Holiday Fun for Creative Kids
Paper Doll Christmas: Holiday Fun for Creative Kids  


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