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General Costume & Fashion History Questions After 1950

Quiz 1 Questions

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Fashion Quizzes, Puzzles,& Fun - Quiz 1 Questions

General Costume & Fashion History Questions After 1950


Answers to the questions below can be found on this page.

  1. Who is credited with popularizing the mini skirt?

  2. Who invented the C20th bikini?

  3. What non surgical products does western society use for women to enlarge the lips and lighten wrinkles?

  4. In which UK town would you find women with the smallest feet found today in the UK?

  5. Which C20th film icon deliberately had the stiletto heels of her shoes adjusted so that she could sway her hips easily?

  6. At which fashion show was Naomi Campbell modelling when she slipped on her platform soles?

  7. What 1980s TV soap opera with a high fashion element had a global audience of over 250 million?

  8. Who was the 1980s and 1990s fashion icon known as the Clothes Horse Ambassadress of Fashion?

  9. What is a toile?

  10. What was 1980's New Romanticism?

  11. Which shoe mostly worn by people such as ambulance and police workers became a 1970s fashion shoe?

  12. What was grunge?

  13. What is a Novak?

  14. Who designed the coned bra, which Madonna wore on her 80s tour?

  15. Which American designer invented the idea of a capsule wardrobe in the 1990s?

  16. What was the name of a wide soft shawl that became popular around 1997?

  17. Who said, "You've never had it so good?"

  18. What winter fabric has been in fashion for winter and spring jackets in recent years?

  19. What age are antique garments?

  20. What age are vintage garments?

  21. How long has the Miss World beauty Competition been running?

  22. Who was the most famous American female fashion icon of the 1960s?

  23. What is the name of the most famous 1950s Hermes handbag?

  24. Who did Tom Ford design fashion for until recently?

  25. What does prêt à porter mean?

  26. Which is the most potent fragrance strength
    a) Eau de cologne
    b) Eau de parfum
    c) Eau fraiche?
    d) Eau de pongissima

  27. Which designer has a famous musician songwriter singer pop star as a father?

  28. What were Yuppies in the 1980s? 
    What does the acronym Y U P P I E S stand for?

  29. Which perfume advertisement cost over £5 million to make in 2004?

  30. Which famous film star wrote a book about her passion for jewellery?

  31. Which Italian fashion designer was shot dead in the 1990s?

  32. What is the fibre source of cashmere fibre?

  33. What is the fibre source of mohair fibre?

  34. What is the fibre source of angora fibre?

  35. Which fashion house has always designed glorious exotic colourful prints since the 1960s?

  36. Which year was the first face lift done? 

  37. Which designer brought messages on T-shirts into mainstream fashion when she protested against nuclear missiles in the 1980s?

  38. Name three items that teddy boys would have worn?

  39. Which fabric is flax fibre made into?

  40. Which fashion designer won't use animal products such as leather in fashion clothes or accessories?

  41. Whose famous hairstyle of a 1990s TV comedy series spawned a million look a like copies.

  42. What was the name of the much copied hairstyle from the series 'The Avengers' in the late 1970s?

  43. Complete the phrase 'Posh and -----

  44. To which top supermodel was Richard Gere once married?

  45. What world famous fashion magazine did Conde Nast purchase in 1909?

  46. Name two exotic dances that took off globally in the 1990s and encouraged women to wear prettier dresses?

  47. Which 1990s designer made dresses that hugged the body like a bandage wrap?

  48. Who is famous for her wrap dresses?

  49. What does Philip Treacy mainly design?

  50. What accessories are Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo all associated with?

  51. Which two individuals are credited with bringing Punk fashion as a style to a wider market?

  52. Name two other well respected designers who have featured refined punk in their fashion lines at least a decade or more ago?

  53. Name two popular hairstyles of the 1950s or 1960s.

  54. Which ancient peoples used brooches or pin to hold their clothing together? 

  55. What and who used swaddling?

  56. What was a Bum Roll? 

  57. Who has been the main designer at Chanel since the 1980s?

  58. Name the designer team who made Diana's wedding dress?

  59. Who had a perfume designed especially for her, starred in Breakfast at Tiffany's and was the film star muse of Hubert de Givenchy.

  60. Barbara Hulanicki was the name behind which famous 1960's boutique.

  61. Which female designer of country style clothes and interiors, fell down a stone stairs and died?

  62. Name 2 film or pop stars from the 1950s who made jeans a global fashion statement.

  63. Who wrote the song Lady in Red? 

  64. What footwear did Nancy Sinatra sing about?

  65. What colour suede shoes did Elvis Presley sing about?

  66. Describe the size, colour and pattern of the bikini of the famous itsy bitsy song.

  67. What was the biggest summer fashion look of 2005?

  68. What is a Paddington or Silverado?

  69. Who is Editor in Chief at American Vogue?

  70. What was Op Art fashion?

  71. Who invented nylon?

  72. Who designed the wedding and coronation dresses of Queen Elizabeth II?

  73. Who is considered to be the inventor of denim jeans as we know them today?

  74. Who invented the LBD?

  75. Which nationality cut the underside of women's feet to achieve the appearance of an organically grown heel and maintained the deformation by binding?

  76. Which people practiced head flattening?

  77. What was actress Veronica Lake most famous for in the 1940s?

  78. What type of fabrics are velvet and corduroy?

  79. How many calories does the average person eat on Christmas day?

  80. In which decade did tights or pantyhose gain huge popularity with women everywhere?

Answers to the 80 questions above can be found on this page. 

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Added 12 Dec 2005

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