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50 General Costume & Fashion 1900 to 1940s - Quiz 4 Questions

By Pauline Weston Thomas for


Fashion Quizzes, Puzzles,& Fun - Quiz 4 Questions

50 General Costume & Fashion Questions 1900-40s - Quiz 4 Questions


Answers to the questions below can be found on this page.

  1. Give the exact dates of Edward VII's reign.

  2. What was the 'Marlborough Set'?

  3. What did 'cutting in' mean to the Victorians or Edwardians?

  4. What was 'coming out' in Edwardian England?

  5. What was the London Summer Season in 1900?

  6. What was an S-bend?

  7. What was a Gibson Girl?

  8. Who were the fashion icons of the Edwardian era?

  9. What was La Belle Époque?

  10. What was the Edwardian silhouette like after 1980-1913?

  11. Name 2 artists who influenced Paul Poiret?

  12. Which famous ballet influenced Paul Poiret and his later designs?

  13. What was a hobble skirt?

  14. What clothing style was denounced from the pulpit in 1913?

  15. Which artist founded the Fauvist movement?

  16. Who designed the famous costumes for Diaghilev's Ballets Russes?

  17. Which famous London Department Store was founded in 1909?

  18. Name 3 venues visited in 'the season'.

  19. How many courses did a typical house party dinner menu have?

  20. What activities did adult Edwardian house guests participate in during the day?

  21. What was a Noah's Ark?

  22. Describe Edwardian fashion colours?

  23. When did the Titanic sink?

  24. Who patented the first bra as her invention?

  25. In the 1920s which famous designer encouraged tanning? 

  26. What was the WSPU and which woman formed it?

  27. When did women over 30 first get the vote in Britain? 

  28. Who was the first female British MP? 

  29. What year did all women over 21 get the vote in Britain? 

  30. What was National Standard Dress?

  31. Who were Bright Young Things?

  32. Name a famous dance of the 1920s?

  33. What did the French call the flapper fashion style?

  34. When did skirts actually reach the knee in the 1920s?

  35. Who self styled herself as the greatest fashion designer of the 1920s?

  36. What was an Eton Crop?

  37. What was a Mary Jane style?

  38. Who was the first woman to shock the world when she wore a shorter skirt to play Wimbledon tennis in 1922?

  39. Who shocked just as much when she chose shorts to Wimbledon play tennis in 1932

  40. Who was the fashion icon of the 1920s who had a distinctive black helmet like bob cut hair often worn with bangs or a fringe?

  41. Who popularized the knit jumper as a fashion item?

  42. Who has been credited with inventing/reviving bias cutting in the 1920s?

  43. What amusing hat style was Elsa Schiaparelli famous for designing?

  44. Who became a fashion icon when she married Edward VIII after his abdication.

  45. Who designed the wedding dress of the woman who married Edward VIII?

  46. What was the British Civilian Clothing Order of 1942?

  47. What was the Incorporated Society of London Fashion Designers?

  48. Who invented the NEW LOOK in 1947?

  49. What was a toque?

  50. What was a cloche?

Answers to the questions above can be found on this page.

Added 12 Dec 2005

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