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 Fashion Drawings by Florina Becichi

Fashion Gallery 25
 Fashion Drawings by
Florina Becichi

By Pauline Weston Thomas for

Fashion Gallery 25  Updated 2007

Fashion Drawings and Finished Models by Florina Becichi

Florina Becichi fashion designer, artist and stylist.Florina Becichi lives in Romania, a land that seems to me full of talented young artists.  Flo is 26 and a few years ago finished at the University of Fashion Design. 

Since she was little, Flo has always tried to relate her life to art.  She studied ballet, tried some theatre courses and then finally chose fashion.  Her beautiful photograph was taken by her sister a professional photographer.  Florina's sister works mostly in fashion and they have often worked together on projects. 

Florina's designs have developed a great deal since she first wrote to me.  So this page was updated in December 2007 to reflect how Florina has matured in her design work.


The Modelled Florina Becichi Fashion Designs

Modelled Florina Becichi Fashion DesignsFlorina Becichi Fashion Design -  Hot Pant Bodysuit.

I love Florina's realisation of her designs on a real model.  The photos shoots which she works on with her photographer sister also show their joint talent working as a styling team.

This modelled design shown above right has shades of Marlene Dietrich, who wore flesh toned sheer fabrics against her décolletage, because it was not only very flattering, but also intriguing.  The hint of what lies beneath can be more powerful than the full exposure of flesh.

Modelled Florina Becichi Fashion DesignModelled Florina Becichi Fashion Design

Two more beautiful photographs of Florina Becichi's gorgeous gowns for gorgeous girls.

Fashion Design Drawings by Florina Becichi

Fashion Design Drawing by Florina Becichi Fashion Drawings and Finished Models by Florina Becichi

Florina's work speaks for itself - modern, fresh and still feminine.

Here are some more of her fashion designs which are for women, but based on masculine clothing elements.

  Fashion Drawings by Florina Becichi Fashion Drawings and  Finished Models by Florina Becichi  

Body conscious clothes look terrific on young slim figures.  These Florina Becichi jeans and tops have interesting design features.

Fashion Drawing by Florina Becichi Fashion Drawing by Florina Becichi

Fashion Drawing by Florina Becichi In her spare time Flo enjoys music, a very important part of her life.  She believes music is closely related to fashion and any other form of art. 

Florina Becichi can be contacted at these sites where you can see other design project work, styling and close up details of photo shoots.

Flo has some great fashion designs on her web pages.  Soon she'll be joining the ranks of those fashion designers she admires so much. 

Florina's favourite designers are:- Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, DSquared2, Dolce&Gabbana, Chloe, DKNY and Burberry Prorsum.


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