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Fashion Gallery 27
 Fashion Drawings
 by Ishleen

By Pauline Weston Thomas for

Fashion Gallery 27

Fashion Drawings by Ishleen Sawhney of Delhi in IndiaFashion Drawing by Ishleen Sawhney of Delhi

Ishleen Sawhney

Ishleen Sawhney is 24 and lives in Delhi, the capital of India.  Ishleen has done a Fashion Design course at South Delhi Polytechnic. 

This is a selection of her fashion design sketches, fashion drawing and designing ability.

Ishleen loves to do creative work fashion design which is why she chose fashion designing. 

She found it so inspirational and an outlet for all her creative ideas.  Ishleen feels her creativeness comes out in her sketches.

People produce their sketches in many different ways and Ishleen likes to use several art materials including pencil colours such as water soluble Caran d'Ache pencil crayons or water colour paints to make her designs. 


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Fashion Drawing by Ishleen Sawhney of Delhi Fashion Drawing by Ishleen Sawhney of Delhi

Fashion Drawing by Ishleen Sawhney of Delhi

She also sometimes likes to design using actual fabric and create different textures on sketches using empty refill, textured paper etc.  The sketch on the left below uses actual fabric and creates a mixed media collage drawing.

Fashion Drawing by Ishleen Sawhney of DelhiFashion Drawing by Ishleen Sawhney of Delhi

Fashion Drawing by Ishleen Sawhney of Delhi

Ishleen also does hand embroidery and hand painting on fabrics and enjoys experimenting with colours.   The lemon dress on the far right has an embroidered bodice design which you can see more clearly if you click the thumbnail.


Fashion Drawing by Ishleen Sawhney of DelhiFashion Drawing by Ishleen Sawhney of Delhi

Ishleen wants to open her own boutique house.  Her aim is to achieve a name in fashion designing and one day she feels confident she will definitely achieve her  goal.

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