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 Fashion Trends 2005

Spring 2005 & Summer 2005

General Trends in Fashions

By Pauline Weston Thomas for




Female Fashion Trends, Fads and Fast Moving Fashions 2005

Fashion-era is about female fashion and female costume changes.  The possible fashion fads and trends suggested here for 2005 are related to female styling only.  These pages are my analysis, personal opinion and fad prediction of the next common new fashion themes we are likely to adopt.  A season's main look always hinges on 3 or 4 key pieces.  Choose the correct key piece for you and your body with its lumps and bumps rather than what Model X is wearing.  The secret to getting a look that suits you is in simply picking out the bits you like rather than going overboard on the whole look.  If you decide you want to do this summer's  nautical look just make sure you don't become so nautical that you end up looking like Captain Bird's Eye or Captain Pugwash. 

Less is always more.

I see key female fashion pieces for spring summer 2005 as being the cropped jacket, cropped trousers, the gypsy skirt, flat or wedge shoes and masses of tribal style jewellery.  However there are plenty more looks available and discussed below.

A true trend is a change, a movement toward a new idea or new or different way of doing things.  For example it has been a strong trend in the past decade for women throughout the UK and the world in general to more and more wear trousers.  The type of trousers they have worn though varied from boot cut to palazzo to cargo pants to pedal pushers to low rise versions and are better described as fashion fads.

One fashion trend that is changing and has changed in the past few months is that of the bare midriff.  The bare midriff fashion is well and truly dead.  Over exposed flesh is now considered very trashy and very vulgar and well past its sell by date.  Anyone who is fashion conscious ditched this style some time ago.  Only pop stars living on faded glory continue to adopt it.  More decorum in dress is the new order of the day.

Most of you reading this will have keyed in the words fashion trends in an effort to find out what colours, styles and new materials are likely to be in the shops near you soon.  So let's not worry too much whether these ideas here are a trend or a fad or a preference or craze.  The fact is fashion is moving so fast that we need to decode quickly the distinctive details that create a new key piece.   Today designers present a fresh catwalk idea, and within a few weeks they are horrified to find that more than one high street store is already selling the cream of their designer collection ideas.

Some of the suggestions for fashion listed here are already in the shops, the ideas and concepts having been ripped off even before a top designer can get his spring summer stock into his or her outlets.  This is having the effect of many of us having a more fluid wardrobe than we ever did in seasons past; where we are constantly adding and subtracting garments as we revise and update our concept of what is a contemporary fashionable image.  The ordinary person can be as up to date as the woman with thousands to spend and indeed this is becoming a problem at the higher end of the market, as those who desire exclusivity often dress in a very similar way to those who know little or nothing about fashion, but just happened on an item in the shops that copy designer ideas immediately.

Shopping in the sales a few weeks ago, the thought crossed my mind 'why bother' as I saw little clutches of new clothes arriving which were far more interesting for my brain to feed on and lust after than anything dying on a sales rack.  I decided to wait for a few weeks and move onto the next fresher look, remembering the golden rule of never buy into a look that's on the wane.   Fading high fashion fads should be left to fade away gracefully.

There is no doubt that consumers are changing and are rather more sophisticated personalities than those of 20 years ago.  They simply refuse to fit into the demographic system that marketing men would like them to slot.

My website readers are ordinary people, ranging from Miss Mere Mortal to Miss Musthavethatnow.  From research I have done with them I believe that just about everyone interested in fashion today, assumes that not only can they aspire to designer goods, but they can and do often buy them.   Nor do they mind mixing Topshop or Monsoon clothes with Dolce&Gabbana or Matthew Williamson.  They buy what they like and woe betide a manufacturer who misses the vibe they have tuned into.  Poor customer knowledge and mismatched goods in store  means the retailers never recoup lost sales.

Take spectacles for example.  Consumers may purchase new spectacles once a year or every 2 years, so many now only opt for a designer brand name to ensure the spectacle shape has some wearing credibility in styling terms.  The same goes for special occasion or recognisably costly shoes or bags.  Access to luxury is available to all consumers with goods such as sunglasses, perfumes and beauty products being the starting points.  From there it is one step to the belt, or designer jeans or the luxury bag.   In fact compared to the new luxury designer brands are often not that luxurious.

There are certain fields where this is happening more and more even among your grandma or great grandma who may well be a baby boomer and cash rich.  The huge purchasing power of baby boomers may mean that a separate youth culture may be in decline.  Couple this with the fact that high street goods are now seen as not only affordable, but also disposable and we find marketing men in despair as they cannot track how the consumer is thinking as well as they have done in the past.  There is no one fashion look. The look is eclectic, with many global influences all paying a part.   Much of the mode is no longer exclusive because of digital communication which has an immediacy and instantaneous characteristic about it, that no other communication has ever had.  You are reading an original fashion article written by Pauline Weston Thomas© at ©


The Customization Empowered Consumer 2005

This dribble down effect to the masses though can have a negative effect on brands, where those who once sought exclusive brands now seek out designers who produce personalized goods or very limited editions of an item or even one offs that are edgy and have a buzz.  Only China and Japan still consider logos desirable aspects of dressing with many westerners rejecting them years ago.  Now in Britain, only chavs really wear logos to any extent these days with logo fatigue ensuring that others reject any item or fabric associated with logos. (The Chinese market is huge and the Chinese luxury market is still way behind the level the western world enjoys and is a market still to be captured.  However sociological differences and attitudes between regions means that manufacturers will need to tailor their goods accordingly.)

Logo fatigue is reason enough for the next 'clunky' arts and crafts look as I like to think of it taking off in a big way.  No two pieces of a craft inspired piece should strictly speaking look alike.  For tomorrow and next year and the foreseeable future individualization, personalization and customization which empowers the consumer with some measure of self selection and personal designing input is what it's all likely to be about.   Visual logos are now out and to be really fashionable your style must be customised to have cachet. 

Exclusivity and scarcity has returned so that the luxury market can reinvent itself providing personalized luxury items with a fleeting life and few in number.  Companies will in future produce limited editions of say 50 items or 100 items.  Many are already doing this.  Waitlists are big news. By the time a person reaches the top of a waitlist they may not even desire the item any longer as another luxury item will have come along or a mass manufacturer will have captured the elements.  'Beyond luxury products' will become a new norm for the rich to seek as they crave rare materials and unusual finishes not generally seen.  An example of this is the use of Tyvek with marvellous technical properties used in garment making in previously unexplored ways to created unusual crafted clothing.  Another 'beyond luxury product' might be custom made jeans at $1000 basic price when made with superior $40 a yard denim plus even extra costs for custom enhanced diamond studding when required.

Fashion involves seduction of the senses.  We see an image of a product which is new and we fix our mind so often on obtaining that new ‘thing’ whether it be a piece of the latest jewellery, a garment, a car, a hairstyle, or even a holiday.  All are subject to fashion whims.  We do this even though we know that fashion is fickle and ephemeral and that fashion will move on almost the moment we have established in our minds that this is the new ‘new’.

When I first started to assess fashion looks and trends many years ago I soon became aware that whilst I was able to assess these looks as they were emerging I didn’t always follow them and I also filtered out many looks I never cared for personally.  Frankly it’s hard work, time consuming and costly to be constantly renewing your wardrobe.  So many of us steer a halfway course honing in on the bits of fashion we personally like best, then adding some classic items all of which we feel suit us, our bodies and our personalities.  This is good.  For to be a total ‘slave’ to predicted fashion is I think indeed sad.  So every season, many ideas are offered by designers, but it is quite clear that consumers respond by honing in on the 2 or 3 concepts that suit them.

However, to be totally disinterested in fashions and lifestyle changes strikes me as equally sad and disappointing. When you are interested in fashion you are interested in life.  You are conscious of how you present yourself to others and how they present themselves to you and how personality and behaviour is reflected in the choices made.  You are reading an original fashion article written by Pauline Weston Thomas© at ©


The Basic Looks for Fashion Trends for Spring Summer 2005

Last autumn it was obvious that texture and colour dominated the runways.  In short, female trends for Summer 2005 will see a very feminine approach to summer fashion styles.   Seasons are no longer safe when it comes to fashion trends.  For years the British have worn layers to accommodate the hourly climatic change from hot to cool to breezy to wet.  This fashion for layering has been globally embraced with trousers topped with dresses or cardigans.  

So if you are a hopeful fashion fan, or someone who today feels like a desperate housewife who needs information on the trends most likely to be in fashion this Spring and Summer 2005, consider the possible options likely to be taken up widely by consumers.  Choose wisely just a few looks that suit your personality.  Heaven forbid you decide to grab onto every look. 

There are about a dozen main looks that have emerged from  designer's spring summer shows, but the key is in the quirky edgy details.  Those little differences.  Choose carefully to suit your figure and personality.  The key pieces I'm opting for myself is that of shorter boxy, cropped jackets, with just below elbow or three quarter sleeves.  I bought my first shorter jacket a year ago and am now convinced this is jacket will get more and more cropped until we reach the spencer jacket stage.

Nearly every designer included some cropped jackets in their shows in a wide variety of materials and they will work well with fuller, soft gypsy skirts as well as trousers or over dresses.  The cropped jacket will be a highly wearable item and is set to be one of the biggest fashion choice trends of 2005.  It can be anything from a cropped Chanel line jacket to a skinny shorter bodied blazer.

As a bonus it's also perfect as a cover up in summer air conditioning or cooler evenings.  Designers will merely take it a step further at some point this year and by next winter I predict we will be wearing spencer jackets in force, perfect under cocooning capes.

Whilst the pencil skirt is a designer must have for this year too, panel and A line gypsy skirts will be the way to go. The pencil skirt is great, but it puts bodies on show and for many women it's not a practical daily solution to perform tasks, especially as it looks so much better with high heels.  Keep the pencil skirt for specific occasion wear. 

The Gypsy Look

Probably the next most important look of 2005. Lots of white or coloured gypsy skirts and petticoats.


The Volume Look

These looks contrast each other well.  Fullness against severe pared down minimalism.

The Skinny Look


African Tribal Look

Easily mixed together.  Pick an aspect like African tribal jewellery, tribal prints, faux animal fur fringe or choose native American symbols - any would work well as as a starting point for moving fluidly into these trends. Likewise if you are not keen on jewellery start with wooden heeled cowboy or ethnic boots.  Try though to avoid looking like a walking collage.

The Bohemian Look

The Clunky Arts 'n Crafts Look


The Garden Look

Vibrant to soft colour with femininity. From Miami to Madrid to Milan, flower prints are favourites.  Sprigs to bi-coloured toile de jouy to full exotic blossoms in landscape colours - sometimes they covered up with enveloping cardigans or capelets to keep to the layered theme.

Empire line baby doll dresses that are feminine and very Matthew Williamson also feature in this look.


You are reading an original fashion article written by Pauline Weston Thomas© at ©

Apart from the strict look of business suits, contrast dressing is also prevalent these days with female shoppers voting for a jacket in one fabric and bottoms of mostly trousers.  It’s fair to say that in past months a veer to wearing rather long texturally panelled or tiered skirts in a contrast material has been more usual than the sight of a the much predicted sharp short pencil skirt. 

So the look to date has been tweed jacket and moleskin or velvet trousers or denims, or tweed jacket and corduroy skirt with other contrasting fabrics inserted as cotton or chiffon ruffles or trims in the skirt, or tweed skirt or pencil skirt,  perhaps a fur gilet and/or jeans tucked into boots, all topped off with textural scarves.  Endless combinations of texture against texture making for some very individual refreshing off beat looks.  Some are already bored by the poncho and the gilet.


Decorum and Modesty in Fashion 2005

In 2005 and 2006 a new attitude to comport yourself and be more lady like will emerge as grooming makes a welcome return as the film star look 1950’s look continues and this coupled with films such as Aviator, and the about to be remade Brideshead Revisited will rekindle designer and consumer interest in the fashions of the 1920s and 1930s.  Decorum in dress is back - Trash dressing is dead- Ladylike is the mood of the moment.  Chic and refined, polished and dignified, graceful and groomed is in.  Revealing, scanty clothes and endless tawdry images of barely dressed celebrities are now tiresome to the point of boring.  We've seen it all before.  Gentler. less crude images are beckoning.

Influence of Dancing - Strictly Ballroom - Strictly Glamorous

One of the new fascinations UK society currently has, is the revival of contact dancing where a man holds a woman. This trend is back big time in Britain.  People everywhere are signing up for classes to learn to samba, salsa, do the merengue, the paso doble, the lambada, the tango or cha cha.  For dancing, clutch or fan style evening bags are chic, flesh toned tights, gold or other glittering metallic shoes with plenty of straps to secure them are also a must, as is a great updo hairstyle and a dress that shimmers and gives leg room for sways and fall backs.  Designers who cater for dancing include Roberto Cavalli and Michael Kors.  Designers who gave their catwalk shows volume, gypsy style and full 50's skirts are sure to be the winners.  Designers who do vulgar are likely to be ignored.

Colours - Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2005

Timid discreet colours are likely to be some of the most loved, but there will be nothing timid about the bold statements the clothes make.  Colours are moving toward brighter, cleaner more vivid tones and shades. 

Colour trends for spring summer 2005 which are expected to reach new highs include a coral toned flaming geranium, nude flesh tones, every hue  through blues to lavender lilacs, many greens from light to dark and acids plus the neutral white with white.  Dark saturated blues may become as popular as blacks have been.  You are reading an original fashion article written by Pauline Weston Thomas© at ©Colours for Spring Summer 2005 include

lemon sherbet, daffodil yellow, yellow sunshine, lemon, butterball, saffron, apricot, nude,

Geranium, clementine, spicy orange, Rosewood, beige rose, flesh, peach, pale pink, candy colours, poppy red, raspberry, watermelon, strawberry, fuchsia pink,

kiwi and watered lime, acid green, colours of lime, sulphurous khaki green, catkin, apple green, pistachio, lichen, fir green, moss, jade, gun metal copper green, green.....and more green.....

Glacial blues, watery icy aquamarine, turquoise, delphinium, sapphire blue, royal blue, blue, delft, indigo, lapis lazuli, cobalt, lilac, wisteria, purple, heather, parma violet,

oyster pearl grey, taupe, soft browns, white, black, parchment and ivory.

Metallic and shimmer effects will be with us for some time.  Coppered bronzes that glow are especially

Fabrics, Prints and Textures  - Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2005


The return to nature look will use fabrics which are natural such as silk, cotton, hemp, ramie, linen and often showing elements found in grey goods and yarn imperfections found in silks, but now serving as a natural and desirable feature.  Surface textural interest will also be a focus.  Raw rustic fabrics with a vintage worn quality, mercerized cotton fabrics that are lustrous with sheen, cotton piqués, thick yarn worked with thin yarn cotton materials, pintuck pleated fabrics, denim edged in white lace, puckered seersuckers and stone washed goods will be favourite fashions.

Lace - Collectors of vintage lace have long known how wonderful old lace can enhance clothes.  Now lace is reborn with such variety available from sculptural guipure lace to delicate chantilly lace used as in fills for panels on garments or as frills, flounces and ruffles.  The newer metallic platinum look lace is as popular as palest pink, ivory, cream and white lace.   Many lace types look surprising different and modern with their cellophane coatings.

Plastic cellophane style or thin golden metallic coatings surface on the finest of materials from chiffon, voile, lace and tulle.

Silk - For evening Spring Summer 2005, silk is the big evening fabric along with lace and tulle for high end and couture garments.  The colours are the softest of softest pastels with purple and pink still showing big followings.

Rich embroidery, trimmings, beading of spangles, rhinestones, crystal, metal on metal with effects that rival Tutankhamen’s collar all encrust cuffs and collars.  Cut out lace and silk pieces reapplied as decorative elements on new fabrics.

Macramé and Crochet - Macramé resurfaces as a texture for cardigans and borders on garments. Fringe of all types continues to grow as a fad, but macramé adds a new fresh twist.  Crochet emerges as a method used in knitwear adding summer lightness and variation and is useful for scarves, shawls, shrugs and hats.

Chiffons - The fabrics are some old favourites and include chiffon, from imprecise torn chiffon fringes to being used pleated, smocked and gathered or shaped into free forms such as organic trailing decorative petals and leaves.  It can also surprise and shock at other times as it is sometimes layered in colours with light over dark. Multi coloured shading of organza layers is a similar story which means shimmer and glistening under lights and texture enhancement when placed to contrast against some of the wonderful slinky thin double faced satins.

By day silk crepe de chine sits beside duller silks such as georgette, moss crepe and charmeuse.

Pleating Accordion pleating makes welcome change as the thinnest of taffeta silks are used to great effect and give origami sculptural style to sleeves and other garment parts.


Ombre dyeing, targeted dip and tie dyeing which places a pattern on a specific part of the garment all help create the free thinking Bohemian and gypsy looks.  Tie dyeing is ripe for a mass revival and although manufacturers can produce spectacular looks using it this is a craft people love to try out themselves.

Fabrics & Prints - Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2005

Pattern is well and truly back.  Many of the spring 2005 cropped jackets will be printed or woven patterns.

Toile de Jouy

Toile de Jouy style prints in clean colours like blue on white on summer dresses will seem serene and echo summers past.

Stripes and Checks and Graphic Signs

Striped textiles will be major force particularly in knits and tops.  More subtle checks and broken disrupted line plaid varieties will emerge.  Open stitching in fabrics and broken lines in weaves means that many fabric will have sheer openness which is light and loose in structure.

1950’s scenic poster prints and stylized symbols of everyday 50s objects printed on textiles in graphic way.

Graphic signage using media such as ink to crayon to charcoal will be a favoured form of printed fabric which may have a background that looks like any one of these paper styles of vellum or watercolour grainy rough handmade paper, blotting paper or parchment.  The paper look which is fabric will be strong and will vary from dull crepes to shiny oiled effects dependant on the paper being imitated.

Indian scarf prints and African art flower forms make interesting decorative prints for cropped jackets and also for coats which capture sixties printed coat dress feel.

Animal prints continue in fashion. You are reading an original fashion article written by Pauline Weston Thomas© at ©

Knitwear  - Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2005

Knits are jazzier than for many seasons.  Traditional fair isle circular knitted yokes, Missoni style zigzags or Argyle patterns make an interesting change from plain and textured knits.  Remember garter stitch garments of a decade ago that replaced picture knits and intarsia sweaters.  Well after the zigzags and stripes of this spring look next for jacquard and fair isle knitting both back on the scene.  You'll probably be buying some once you see film The Aviator.  Contrast colour schemes like pink and black, turquoise and browns, lime and lilacs or rust and creams bring new vibrancy to knits.

Spencer style cardigan will be the knitwear version of cropped jackets.

A Closer Look at the Main Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2005

The Gypsy Look - Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2005

The ‘gypsy’ look will be next years most widespread trend when topped off with disproportionate bling with rococo elements such as shells or spangles, metallic lustre sandals and an excess of accessories.  The look is not peasant poor, but with tones of tempting Rita Hayworth in exotic mesmerizing gypsy mode, sultry and seductive.   Skirts are fuller than they have been for years and billow with fabric. 


The Volume Look - Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2005

This is a really new look which makes the body seem as if cocooned in fabric.  Like fashion of the 1880s, dresses are covered in an abundance of swags, layers, bows and pleats, ornamentation and sheer volume of fabric. 


Full bubble skirts (in the past called the puffball skirt) and even hooped skirts, show how the trend to volume in clothes will progress with some movement of the waist rising above the normal waistline.  Volume will be supported by the correct under petticoats being available.  To get the look you will need the correct under petticoats and often the petticoats will be intended to be seen.  This is a look that might dive or perhaps never truly surface in my opinion as it does few favours for anything, but the woman with perfect legs, perfect tiny waistline and who is a perfect 17 year old!


A more acceptable volume look for most of us will be the big cardigan look that envelopes and cocoons as we use it with other layers to achieve the perfect personal eco environment.  There's volume and volume. Take your pick.


The Clunky Arts 'n Crafts Look - AKA The Clumsy Recycled Trend 2005

A fascination with hand crafted looks is a strong theme for 2005. Individuality is the name of the new fashion game.  Identikit fashion is out and you can express yourself with individually crafted looks.  Choose your style, make your statement, make it yourself or buy it from an independent lone worker. Express yourself and be you.   2005 will be the year to dig out those knitting needles, that knitting machine or long underused crochet hook.  But this is craft with a difference - the yarn is cashmere, angora, or linen with silk and ramie.


The commercial look will consist of layers of texture and embellishment with perhaps a hem of sequin decoration overlaid or underlain with more layers of perhaps a second and even third embellished appliquéd hem.

Garments that look as if they have been clumsily recycled will appear with decorative cut outs and will strongly feature badly applied appliqué.  This clumsy, roughly worked appliqué with a clunky effect that is intended to be a naïve, folksy and amateurish will be easy to apply as a custom finish to your own garments.


The Skinny Look  - Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2005

The Skinny Look includes commercially sharp collections and snappy sharp tailoring for women. The skinny look with boyish styling is ideal for skinnies.  It's the snappy chic look with perhaps a skinny cropped close fitting blazer, a safari jacket and shorts or skinny jeans tucked into boots.  


The Garden Look  - Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2005

Hand painted Watercolour paint effects are part of the garden theme.  Dreamy pastel printed florals, tropical vibrant hothouse flowers and toile de jouie fresh prints all sit side by side.  The latter have that clean rain washed summers past quality.  Some prints have flowers so large they easily cover half a skirt and become abstracted. Others feature as garlands of roses using impressionist to cubist paint techniques.


The Wrist - The New Attention Zone and as a Fashion Trend 2005

The wrist is the next new attention zone.  The nakedness of a lower arm against a covered up torso will be the new area of interest.  Women and girls at long last rapidly abandon the low slung naked bellies now so passé and so it seems so disliked by many.

The three-quarter sleeve or bracelet length sleeve will maintain it's positions as a modern looking sleeve on garments.   Because of this, gloves will be the perfect 'new' accessory to cover the area of wrist flesh lending a new interest and variety to clothes, adding chic glamour styling when overdressed with cuffs and charm bracelets.

After fashions set in the film The Aviator some will adopt boldly contrasting gloves for outfits and use them in the way shoes have been used as symbols of desire in the past decade.  Some sleeves at the elbow will be finished with ruffles making them evoke memories of C18th French pompadour dress.

The shorter sleeves in general will encourage an old style technique of turning back the sleeve edge on longer garments to show a contrast lining.

To compliment the attention on the hands and wrists large cabochon rings and rings reminiscent of the 1960s dress rings will soon emerge as the next must have piece of jewellery.  Plenty of rings such as the latter can be found in the back rows of jewellers display cabinets of second hand rings.

Other sleeve styles include the short angel sleeve as shown by Matthew Williamson.  You are reading an original fashion article written by Pauline Weston Thomas© at ©

Collars/Cuffs/Buttonholes  - Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2005

Asymmetric large cowl like bertha side collars and oversized decorative non functioning buttonholes will feature on cropped jackets.  Zips that don’t fully zip up, but act as decorative hardware show a new attention to fasteners as facets of embellishment that are purely decorative rather than utilitarian.

Trouser Shapes- Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2005

Trouser shapes are changing.  There is a whole range to choose from.  These are the main styles of trousers to emerge for summer 2005  - shorts to cut off cropped trousers, rolled up trousers, knickerbockers, culottes and skinny drainpipes to straight cut bags.

After the boot cut trouser, shapes can go two ways.  They can either go much narrower and skinny jeans have already done this.  Choose some skinny jeans such as those by James Jeans from designers Siun Kim and James Chung who make jeans designed to slim and flatter the inner thigh.  In the UK you can get these from Matches from approx £130.

Or the upper leg can widen until it reaches the outside of the flare and morph into bag shapes of the 1930s.  Look to the 1930s for inspiration and the film The Aviator for classy well cut trousers, with length, style and grace.

Some trousers have turn ups, others flop well over the shoe and it is these little differences that are important.   All should be cut in quality fabric and worn with well cut smart tailored shirts or blouses.  Being waisted and looped these trousers can be finished with either a tie dyed scarf threaded through the belt loops or use a great belt.  The belt really can be the designer item that gets worn time and again.  The use of a tie dyed or hand crafted silk scarf means you can follow one of the season's hot looks without going over Boho.

Accessories - Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2005


Cloche hats of felt with visible saddle stitching or chunky bead embellishment make for easy to wear hats that are not obtrusive.  Floppy wide brimmed Biba style 1970s hats or flowerpot hats set the style


Matching narrow fabric covered tailored belts and buckles are used to emphasise the 50's feel to clothes, whilst deep wide belts in soft leathers, sometimes jewelled, studded, woven or ethnic coined will be worn set mostly at hip level and make the body appear longer.

Bags - Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2005

By day chunky handbags with straps and hardware almost like hold alls will be the fashion bag many adopt.  Anya Hindmarch and Jimmy Choo produce a workable bag capacious enough to hold a book or small bottle of water whilst remaining stylish. 

Ruched leather sack size bags which have a squashy appearance and appear oversized make an appearance against bum bags set to return amid sporty types. 

By night streamlined animal skin clutch bags with real or mock croc or python effects will vie with small beaded bags.  Whilst underarm bags have held stage for some years there is evidence of longer small neat shoulder bags with strap to the hip and worn across the body making a slow return. You are reading an original fashion article written by Pauline Weston Thomas© at ©.

Shoes  - Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2005

Flats, wedges and platforms are the next footwear that we lust after.  Wearing flat shoes is a trend that has been growing fast.  But keep them for day and wear your heels at night to feel grown up and sophisticated.

Sensible looking flat peep toe natural leather sandals worn with knitted tank tops that scream I made it myself, but produced for the high street give new options to those who don't want to opt for the metallic stiletto sandals also on offer.  Many natural earthy coloured flat thong sandals have an African/Egyptian feel with embedded large cabochon beads atop a flat leather disc.

Steely silvers, burnished gold, black and white footwear and platinum flats vie for attention besides rounded T-bar shoes, Mary Jane styled crossbar strap shoes and printed platform sole shoes.  Tea dance shoes are high heeled and have straps and round toes.

Two tone, three tone and multi tone shoes bring new colour to the foot not seen since the 1980s.  Round toed shoes and sturdy heels will compliment cropped pants, knee length trousers and shorts as well as Bloomsbury style floral dresses in sprigged prints.

Flat boots are quite flat and wrinkle. Some have highwayman style cuffs.

Hair and Make Up  - Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2005

Hairstyles for 2005 include wavy ruffled, fluffed up hair much like the styles worn by Cate Blanchett in The Aviator and by way of contrast a pared down sharp, chic streamlined bobs as well as a return to updos in the form of high Edwardian Pompadour teapot style chignons.  

Red hair from strawberry blonde, copper. flame to the plum of Kelly Osbourne will emerge as a favourite colour to replace blonde.  Julianne Moore the Revlon girl has red hair, so does Nicole Kidman the official face of Chanel in the 2004 Film style advert designed to put Chanel no 5 back on course since it slipped from it’s no 1 slot to around 4 or 5 in USA.  The ad was so expensive to make that Chanel is likely to use it for some years as it did the last time it made a big advertisement for No. 5 perfume.

Supermodel Erin O'Connor's hairstyle in the mode of Louise Brooks is a dramatically different look from the red hair and waves that will suit those opting for the skinny look.


Fashion will favour pencil thin eyebrows and that's a look that means eyebrows will need real attention. Waxing and plucking of brows is for the confident, so 2005 may be the year to check out a beauty salon and get eyebrows professionally shaped.  The sheer indulgence of the experience will reward you with the correct look ina fraction of the time it would you to achieve yourself.

Jewel and Ornamental Effects and Jewellery

Diamante buttons on cardigans, jewelled charms, plastic robot dolls and plastic charms hanging from belts and bags, fruit earrings and rows of rainbow coloured thick plastic bangles are all fads for 2005.  Ornamented clothes for special occasions will have jewel studded cuff areas and necklines.

One big fashion which has already taken off is the trend for tribal beads whether wooden or bone or plastic. the look is chunky crafts inspired, ethnic arts and crafts and almost what one might imagine a cannibal might don.

In addition to tribal beads look out for Middle eastern and Indian art and crafts inspired coin jewellery where strings of coins create an ethnic Boho look. Snake bracelets, gladiator cuffs and narrow wrist bangles worn by the dozen are all fashions you can wear now and keep wearing this summer.  One of the best takes on this tribal/ethnic jewellery look is of chunky turquoise bead rope necklaces wrapped around and around the neck

Big statement jewellery is back in fashion.  Rappers made bling fashionable.  But sometimes less is more.  In Hollywood there is a decline in huge chandelier style earrings in favour of large diamond studs.  Yet in the UK it does seem as if Chandelier style earrings are more popular than ever and the tribal/Boho look is set to create even more dangling styles of strings, ropes and tiers of decorative units from metal discs to jelly bean plastic beads

It seems like only yesterday that we abandoned those diamond studs.  Coloured gems like Aquamarine, Peridot, Amethyst, Citrine and stones like Jade and Turquoise have gained fresh followers.  Ropes of pearls worn twenties style are also in vogue.

2005 sees the return of enormous cocktail or dress rings, chunky gothic poison rings and rings known as gobstopper rings.  These rings are jewellery pieces you wear to match or highlight the colours of an outfit and bring attention to a beautifully manicured hand.  Dress rings are also perfect on hands that show the wrist zones of the new cropped jackets with shorter sleeves.

With three quarter and elbow cropped sleeves gaining momentum the time is ripe for the wonderful art deco Estate styled bracelets on offer.  The Boho version is of semi precious carved stones or plastics in cuff wide bangles with black, amber, rusty coral and deep yellow gold being the colours that look right.

Look out to for straps on dresses made not of fabric, but of ethnic style beads constructed as part of the haberdashery make up of a gown.

If you loved playing with Fimo as a child, this is the year to make your own beads and buttons in colours you adore. You are reading an original fashion article written by Pauline Weston Thomas© at ©.

Other Looks

Other looks include kaftans from hip length to floor length.  Beaded and jewel encrusted sandals.  Bucket bags. Apron dresses.  Charm bracelets. Gunmetal leather. Bronze silk. Witty styling.

Housewear, Loungewear, Afterwear or Chilloutwear

A whole new apparel market called housewear, also known as loungewear, afterwear or even chilloutwear as I like to call it, has become important to the ever shifting change of homelife patterns. 

Working from home or coming home from work demands a new dress code where watered down comfort fashion that goes a step just beyond a dressing gown is required, particularly for hanging around in a very relaxed do nothing way with a partner or flatmates before dressing 'properly' to go out or undressing for bed. 

Basically this fashion is really comfy casual dress intended to serve the rather nasty phrase 'slobbing out at home.'  We all know exactly what it means.  In yesteryear it was the oversized Kaftan/muumuu Liz Taylor was caught wearing at the end of a very long lens. More recently it was the oversized T-shirt Cherie Blair wore to open the door of No.10 Downing Street the morning after the first labour election victory.

But wait, marketing man has been looking at the need for clothes to fit these moments and he came up with the concept of luxury lazing clothes.  It's impossible to give these clothes a really good name.  The best and most descriptive is actually slobwear, but for the sake of sounding attractive I like to think of it as Chilloutwear.  Calling it chillwear was my first inclination, but that might imply it was for skiing or mountaineering!!!

These fashions usually consist of relaxed pocketed hoodies, vests, camisoles, cashmere socks, and casual trousers often with drawstrings or easy elastication.  Fabrics used are soft and comfortable knit constructions like cashmere mixes, Vincel jersey, cotton jersey, angora and velour.  They are just the kind of clothes to don after a hard day shopping or working and after a quick shower or lazy bath.  It's not quite nightwear, you can still safely answer the door to a neighbour who knocks at 9pm in these outfits, but also curl up in ball on the sofa being totally lazy and self indulgent knowing your designer outfit is safely hung up for another day. 

This area is likely to be a hugely expanding market as more people work from home or feel the need to express their desire to unwind, particularly after work, not by changing into nightwear, but into at home evening wear so that time slots within the day are just that, occasions to dress for in a specific way to differentiate precious hours in a short time space before the next day begins again. You are reading an original fashion article written by Pauline Weston Thomas© at ©

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