Fashion Trends 2005

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Fashion Trends 2005

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9 August 2005

1a. Fashion Trends Major Fashion Looks Autumn Winter 2005/6

A general look at autumn winter 2005-2006 main fashion silhouettes, styles and major looks for autumn winter 2005-2006 fashion. 

9 August 2005

2a. Fashion Trends Colours, Fabrics, Textures, Patterns Autumn Winter 2005/6

A look at autumn winter 2005-6 fashion trends in colour, textures, prints. Fall fabrics 05/06.

9 August 2005

3a.Fashion Trends 2005/6 

Wardrobe Tips

A look at the general changes within the silhouette of new garment styles and some tips for updating your current wardrobe.

9 August 2005

5a. Fashion Trends 2005/6 Designer Furs Fall 2005


2 press reports and images about the fashion designers using fur in  autumn/winter 2005-2006 collection catwalk shows.

9 August 2005

7a. Fashion Trends 2005/6 Consumer Fashion Mood

From cheapskate to Luxury fashion.  Changing consumer attitudes and shopping habits.  Low cost retail shopping from Primark to the luxury purchase of designer items.

19 August 2005

8a. Fashion Trends 2005/6 TopShop Trends Fall 2005

The TopShop autumn winter 2005-2006 press report for fall fashion and TopShop looks. Victorian Gothic to Beatnik & Admiralty looks.

9a. Fashion Trends 2005

A review of the Gypsy Boho Look skirt which swept the globe in 2005.


Added 27 May 2005  Evans Plus Sizes Review Summer 2005  Plus Size Fashion Images for Summer 2005

16 Sept 2005

10a - Fashion Colour Mood Boards for Autumn Winter 2005 - 2006

A look at the 3 main colour schemes this winter. Purples and wines, greens and burnt oranges and black with white or cream.

PAGES -  Added 16 Sept 2005

11a Wallis - Evening Fashion Fall 05/6

12a Wallis - Day Fashion Wear Fall 05/6

13a Miss Selfridge Autumn (1) 2005

14a Miss Selfridge (2) Fall 2005/6

15a Evans Plus Sizes Autumn Winter 2005-6

16a Dolce & Gabbana Reprinted Press Release

17a Fashion Fall 05


  Jan 2005

1. Fashion Trends Major Fashion Looks Spring Summer 2005

A general look at spring 2005 main fashion silhouettes, styles and major looks for spring summer 2005 fashion. 

Fashion-era Forums

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 Jan 2005

2. Fashion Trends Colours, Fabrics, Textures, Patterns Spring Summer 2005

A look at spring summer fashion trends in colour, textures, prints, dyes, fabrics spring summer 2005.

Jan 2005

 3. Fashion Trends  Accessories Fashion Looks Spring Summer 2005


 Added 25 May 2005

9.Miss Selfridge Beach Fashion Summer 05

Jan 2005

4. Fashion Trends 2005 Fashion Consumer Mood

The changing face of consumers of fashion.  The rise of luxury goods. The demise of logos and logo fatigue.

 Jan 2005

5.Designer Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2005

A brief global look at the ideas of fashion designers for new looks and trends spring summer 2005.

 Jan 2005

6. Fashion Trends 2005 Fashion to Wear at Home.

Housewear, afterwear, chilloutwear, loungewear. The rise of the unseen fashions we wear at home.


 Added 25 May 2005

7a. Topshop Summer 05 Images


7. TopShop Press Release and Images Spring 2005


8. Miss Selfridge Press Release & Images 2005


 Added 28 May 2005 Wallis Shops Press Report & Images

Attractive fashion that captures summer 2005 trends.

 Fashion Trends Colours, Fabrics, Textures and Patterns 2004-2005

A look at fall fashion trends in colour, textures, prints, furs, and knitwear  for Autumn 2004 and winter 2005. (July 2004)

 Fashion Trends 2004-2005 General Trends in Textiles and Styles

A general look at fall 2004 textile trends in fashion silhouettes, styles and major looks for autumn 2004 and winter 2005 fashion.  (July 2004)

 Designers Fashion Show Fashion Trends Autumn 2004 Winter 2005

A brief global look at the ideas of fashion designers for new looks and trends for autumn 2004 and winter 2005. (July 2004)

 General Fashion Trends in Textiles in 2004

Global communication influences on fashion 2004. Validity of cocooning, sports styling, cotton and linen for Spring/Summer 2004 fashions. Novelty fabrics, fashion trends,  casual urban dress as a mass trend in 2004. 2004.  Coat styles. Fair Isle and Tyrolean influences in knits in 2004. (Jan 2004)

 Fashion Trends 2004 Summer Colours and Fabrics

Fashion trends - colours, fabrics and fashion garments, surface design for 2004 Spring/Summer fashions and accessories.  Pearlized, metallic, shiny finishes 2004. Importance of linen as a summer fibre in 2004.  Ingeo™ (Jan 04)

 Fashion Trends 2004 -2005 Wardrobe Tips to Update Styles

Fashion ideas to help you update your wardrobe for winter 2004/5. (July 04)

Generation Terms

Chart defining generation X,Y, silent, G.I., lost and baby boomers. (July 2004)

 Fashion Trends 2004 - Accessories (Jan 2004)

Crocodile, textured leathers, coloured fashion handbag trends in 2004. Bag  embellishment vintage style 2004. Colour in Gloves and Shoes.  Biker straps and zips. Costume jewellery revived. Tribal art to jewellery art.

 Fashion Trends 2004 -

Designer Styles (Jan 2004)

A brief look at some of the fashion ideas from designer fashion shows around the world.

Milan, New York, Paris and London Shows brief summary.

Archive - Read this now as Fashion History

 Fashion Trends 2003-2004  

The year has passed, but read it now as fashion history. This page is  linked internally to Fashion after 1980. 


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Sleeve and Shoulder Fashion Trends 2000-10

Explanation of the reasons behind the changes in sleeve and shoulder fashion in the noughties. These changes are interesting and important as they provide elements of the iconic silhouette for this era.

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