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 Fashion Trends 2005

Spring 2005 & Summer 2005

6. Housewear, Afterwear, Chilloutwear or Loungewear?

By Pauline Weston Thomas for


Fashion Trends Spring & Summer 2005


Housewear, Loungewear, Afterwear or Chilloutwear

Fed up of political correctness which requires effort to maintain, many will opt to react with tongue in cheek reaction where people can make statements about their place in society and their desire to feel alive and sense their own exceptional uniqueness.  This may manifest itself as a sense of needing personal at home luxury, against showing concern for global devastation where having access to luxury enhances the responsibility to give of the self to those less fortunate.

Indulging the sense of self at home, the one place where you can be yourself, has not escaped the marketer's fashion input.  A whole new apparel market called housewear, also known as loungewear, afterwear or even chilloutwear as I like to call it, has become important to the ever shifting change of homelife patterns. 

Working from home or coming home from work demands a new dress code where watered down comfort fashion that goes a step just beyond a dressing gown is required, particularly for hanging around in a very relaxed do nothing way with a partner or flatmates before dressing 'properly' to go out or undressing for bed. You are reading an original fashion article written by Pauline Weston Thomas© at © 

Slobbing Out at Home

Basically this fashion is really comfy casual dress intended to serve the rather nasty phrase 'slobbing out at home.'   We all know exactly what it means.  In yesteryear it was the oversized Kaftan/muumuu Liz Taylor was caught wearing at the end of a very long lens.  More recently it was the oversized T-shirt Cherie Blair wore to open the door of No.10 Downing Street the morning after the first labour election victory. But wait, marketing man has been looking at the need for clothes to fit these moments and he came up with the concept of luxury lazing clothes.

It's impossible to give these clothes a really good name.  The best and most descriptive is actually slobwear, but for the sake of sounding attractive I like to think of it as Chilloutwear.  Calling it chillwear was my first inclination, but that might imply it was for skiing or mountaineering!!!

These fashions usually consist of relaxed pocketed hoodies, vests, camisoles, cashmere socks, and casual trousers often with drawstrings or easy elastication.  Fabrics used are soft and comfortable knit constructions like cashmere mixes, Vincel jersey, cotton jersey, angora and velour.  They are just the kind of clothes to don after a hard day shopping or working and after a quick shower or lazy bath.  It's not quite nightwear, you can still safely answer the door to a neighbour who knocks at 9pm in these outfits, but also curl up in ball on the sofa being totally lazy and self indulgent knowing your designer outfit is safely hung up for another day. 

This area is likely to be a hugely expanding market as more people work from home or feel the need to express their desire to unwind, particularly after work, not by changing into nightwear, but into at home evening wear so that time slots within the day are just that, occasions to dress for in a specific way to differentiate precious hours in a short time space before the next day begins again.

Soon we will have come full circle and be very much like the late Edwardians who changed 5 or 6 times a day so that they were completely at ease with the particular role they played at any moment in 24 hours.  Just ask yourself reader do you already change outfit 3 or 4 times day now for work, gym, evening, then chillout and then bed?  

As you read this webpage ask yourself what exactly am I wearing at this moment - chilloutwear maybe? You are reading an original fashion article written by Pauline Weston Thomas© at ©

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