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Reproduction Costume Collections

Retro Repros (Retrospective Reproductions) -These are garments made for example for re-enactments such as Centenaries, Civil War, Medieval Banquets, Christmas and Autumnal Craft Fayres and living history weekends.  Fabrics available today are usually used to reproduce costumes as authentically as possible. 

Sellers of re-enactment pieces who sell Victorian styled Crinoline, bustle dresses and Leg o' Mutton 1890's items include the reputable website at   Recollections make washable garments to fit modern measurements, as well as being wholesale dealers of re-enactment items.

Reproduction Costume for

 Re-enactment from

 Recollections Victorian Styled Clothing for Women

Ball Gown in Yellows  Taffeta and Velvet  Gown in Navy Calico Polonaise Dress

Ball Gown


 Taffeta and Velvet  Gown 41150

Crinoline Petticoat

Calico Polonaise


Fancy Suit in Yellow and White Navy Taffeta 2 Piece Set Navy Taffeta 2 Piece Set Bustle Lingerie

Fancy Suit 30119

 Taffeta 2 Piece Set


Bustle Lingerie

 Twill Skirt and Blouse  Twill Skirt, Vest and Blouse Trained Petticoat in White Red Fancy Satin Suit

 Twill Skirt 4807

 Twill Skirt and Vest 4897-8

Petticoat 1006

Fancy Satin Suit 4902-3

These are good examples of modern reproduction versions of mid/late Victorian dress.   All can be made to figure measurements from XS-XXXXL and in a colour choice from a range of about 4 to 8 shades or patterns. The range also includes saloon wear. You can see more of the range at

The bonus of the majority of these dresses is that they can be safely worn for re-enactment and easily laundered after wear.  It is not vintage.  It is good wearable reproduction costume and can be mixed with vintage items such as shawls, cloaks, parasols, reticules, jabots, old jewellery, shoes, underwear, blouses and hats.

I think all costume, whether reproduction or vintage is improved by wearing the correct underwear and all of these garments have available under pieces such as hooped crinoline petticoats, small bustles, over petticoats, trained petticoats, camisoles and long drawers.

More variety can be seen at their website 

 Recollections Victorian Styled Clothing for Women


Retro Re-enactment Swimwear at Recollections

If you are seeking fully made up garments at reasonable cost and suitable for re-enactment in Victorian and Edwardian style then try those by Marianne at Recollections. I am a long time fan of Marianne and her period clothing website Recollections. Recently Marianne introduced several retro ladies swimming costumes to her extensive range of over 500 costumes. You can see for yourself in the photographs below how good these look.  Recollections

Recollections - Retro Re-enactment Edwardian Swimwear

The retro Victorian Edwardian swimming costumes above are by Marianne at Recollections


Images courtesy Recollections


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Recollections Victorian Styled Clothing for Women

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