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 Collecting Vintage Clothes

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These pages aim to give you tips and advice to help you study aspects of collecting vintage fashion. They will help you think through and develop your own approach to learning about presenting, selling and collecting retro clothing/accessories/dresses of any era.  Our pages will also show you examples of quality antique clothes from two respected internet vintage sellers and one well know company that makes reproduction pieces.

Vintage Clothes 1
What Is Vintage Fashion?

Specific categories of Vintage.  Tips to get you thinking about buying or selling antique garments on the internet. A brief look at quality antique clothes sites and a  reproduction costume firm.

Vintage Clothes 2
What is Internet Vintage?

Some guidelines aimed at new sellers of vintage considering selling clothing/dresses via the internet.   Buyers may also find the tips useful when buying antique clothes.

Vintage Clothes 3 Tips for Sellers & Buyers of Vintage Textiles via the Internet.

A master guideline list aimed at new sellers of vintage who may be considering selling clothing/textiles via the internet. Useful tips for buyers. 

Vintage Clothes 4 Presenting Vintage Clothes With Photographs.

The importance of displaying antique clothes on a mannequin, dress-form or otherwise and using photographs in a clear uncluttered way.

Vintage Clothes 5
Couture Vintage from Vintage Textile

Defining why Couture Vintage is valuable and collectible.

Vintage Clothes 6
Body Sizing

The importance of measurements and how body sizing has changed in the past 50 years.


 Vintage Clothes 7
Making a Quick Check Table

Making a Garment Condition Assessment Form.  Guidelines for making a description, measuring and record of condition chart.

Vintage Clothes 8
Contentment Farm Antiques and Vintage Clothing

A look at an eclectic mix of vintage gowns and accessories that can be the start of a collection of antique clothes.

Vintage Clothes 9
Contentment Farm Antiques and Vintage Textiles

A look at shawls and vintage patchwork quilts as alternative collections to garments.

Vintage Clothes 10
Collecting 1950's Vintage Clothing Part 1

Establishing the look that typifies collections of 50s vintage and what to collect from day dresses or evening wear choices. Typical 50's motifs.

Vintage Clothes 11
Collecting 1950's Vintage Clothing Part 2

Vintage pickers look out for specific 50's items and these include Big E jeans, scarves, beaded knitwear, bags and costume jewellery.

Vintage Clothes 13
Cleaning Vintage -  Stains

To wash or not to wash antique garments.  How to hand wash vintage. How to deal with some typical Vintage stains and problems found on textiles. reviving leather jackets.

Vintage Clothes 14
Shipping Vintage Clothes

Considerations for posting and packing. Pressing /Steaming Velvets and other vintage materials. Personal touches with presentation and building a good repeat business reputation.

Vintage Clothes 15
Collecting Lace Types 1 Needlepoint &Bobbin

A brief look at historical differences between needle made lace and bobbin lace.  Names of lace and important lace types pictures. Lace links.

Vintage Clothes 16
Collecting Lace Types 2 Minor Lace Techniques

A brief look at other techniques associated with lace including, Irish Crochet, Macramé, whitework and cutwork, Battenburg tape lace. Images and links.

Vintage 17 Collecting Fashion Plates

An introduction to collecting antique and vintage fashion plates.

Recollections Victorian Styled Clothing for Women

A look at costumes made by UK designer Shirley Eborn - a costume maker and theatrical tailor based in Surrey.  Admire the winged costumes, Manet's Bar at the Folies Bergere costume and Mr. Tod of Beatrix Potter fame.

Vintage Clothes
Re-enactment  Clothing from Recollections

A selection of repro Victorian styled gowns showing how reproduction clothing can reproduced using measurements for today's figure. 

Vintage Clothes 20
Where to Source Vintage Textiles - Useful Links

Links to retro sellers, vintage dress patterns, antique clothes, and re-enactment sites.

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