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Wedding Dress Photo 1922

C20th Fashion History
1922 Wedding Dress Photos

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C20th Fashion History
1922 Wedding Dress Photos


1922 Wedding Photo of Bride Evelyn Griffith1922 Old Wedding Photo of the Bride Evelyn Griffith.

Right - is an old 1922 wedding photo of a bride called Evelyn Griffith.  She was married on September 30 1922 in CA, America.

The fashion-era visitor Anne Scott, who sent this picture, has several old photos of women possibly wearing bridal dress.  But unless the bride is obviously in a bridal gown as in the case of Evelyn right, then it can be hard to decipher if a dress is just an evening gown.  Even a floral corsage does not prove the dress is a gown, since many women wore fresh flowers given to them by their partner to a ball.  However, a big plus in this 1922 wedding photo is the veil and headdress.

One thing I have noticed in 1920s wedding photographs, which are known to be of American origin, is that long ribbon streamers intertwined with leaves or buds are a usual styling of the bouquet. Therefore if you have a photo, the volume of ribbon streamers is an indication that a wedding took place in USA rather than UK/Europe.

1920s Style Wedding Dress & Veil

In the early twenties, the style of all dresses, not just wedding gowns was changing.  Dresses were soft and relaxed, but were still mid-calf length for most women.

Notice how similar the line of Evelyn's wedding dress is to the scallop hem day dress below.  You can see more scallop hem dresses on this page for dating old 1926 wedding photos.

Evelyn's train is crunchy with texture. Just look at those raised floral forms that decorate the edge of the train. Her shoes are a variation of the Mary Jane style.1922 Wedding Dress. Evelyn's train is crunchy with texture. Just look at those raised floral forms that decorate the edge of the train. Her shoes are a Mary Jane variation.1920s Wedding Dress & Veil Styles

Evelyn's headdress is very interesting and has a new look compared to the usual dull cloche styles of the 1920s fashion era.  The tiara very much follows the line of decorative trims also seen on hats of the twenties.

The bridal tulle headdress above has developed a pie-crust fan edge which gives an upward tilt to the face.  This style must have been welcome for many brides, who for more than a decade had little choice but to follow the prevailing cloche veil fashion.  The cloche veil dragged the hair flat and left the face devoid of uplift for the majority of brides.

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Some Dress Silhouettes of 1922

The three fashionable 1922 styles from La Mode magazine and shown right, all have a slightly dropped waist and easy full skirts. Two of the real 'wedding' dresses have a wide boat neckline and short sleeves.Fashion-era weddings - Some dress silhouettes of 1922 from La Mode. 1922 - Wedding dress skecth of dress with tucks.

Since it was clear skirts lengths were dithering, tucks, handkerchief hemlines, extra hemline frills and contrast bands of fabric were a popular fashion hemline option.

The third dress far right above, has a scallop hemline and this was employed greatly in 1926 when hemlines rose dramatically. Even so take care to observe how long these dress sketch styles really are for dresses of 1922. Only the ankle is visible.

First Communion Dress 1922

The first dress sketch near left, echoes styles of bygone days and the Edwardian high dog collar neck.  At first glance this gown might be mistaken for a wedding dress. This tucked dress appeared as a dress pattern in la Mode in 1922 and is probably a first communion dress rather than a bridal gown. 

Juliana wrote to me 'French first communion dresses of the 1920's somewhat resembled contemporary wedding dresses, but were plainer and considerably more conservative in cut, thus the high neck and long sleeves. The tucked skirt was also very common on French first communion dresses from the 1900s into the 1950s. Long sleeves seem to have been still fairly common on wedding dresses of the early 20s, but the high neck would be unusual. Note the rosary the girl holds.' 

So this first dress is possibly not a true wedding look of 1922 and I draw your attention to it, as it is so easy to mistake it for a wedding gown style.  It certainly had me confused until the website visitor pointed out the differences. Dress Silhouette of 1922

Lace Border Hem Wedding Dress Unknown Date C1922Lace Border Hem Wedding Dress Unknown Date C1922

The styles here are all similar in outline to this black fashion silhouette shown right and from my fashion-era 1920s silhouettes section.

The twenties lace border hem bridal gown shown left is from an unknown old twenties wedding photograph and was provided to me by vintage USA eBay seller manaseri2007.  The bride is stunning. Her silhouette is so like the black silhouette right.

Immediately see how similar the silhouette the Lace Hem dress is to the Evelyn wedding dress/headdress discussed above and shown left.1922 Wedding Dress.

In deciding where the wedding took place, with all that trailing ribbon to the bouquet, it's easy to deduce this is an American wedding.

The piecrust fan headdress and veil is more than likely the same year as Evelyn's wedding attire.  It is barely noticeable, but Evelyn's dress is very slightly shorter than the unknown Lace Hem dress left. Both dresses have scoop rounded necklines and both are very dropped waisted.1922 Wedding dress - dropped waist

The lace insertion at the dropped waistline is delicate and reminiscent of the fine whitework dresses worn by Edwardians. The shoes follow the T-bar style.

I would surmise though that this wedding (left) took place in the early months of 1922 since the bride wears a jacket over her gown.  Evelyn's wedding (right) took place in the autumn, in September. 1922 Wedding dress - footwear and lace hem.

Even giving a little room for error, I would not date this old wedding photograph left later than 1924.  The styling of the dress is also very much in line with the 1922 Royal Wedding and slightly longer lengths shown below.  You are reading an original independent 'old wedding photograph' article by Pauline Weston Thomas at ©

1922 Royal Wedding
The 1922 Old Wedding Photograph of Princess Mary of England to Viscount Lascelles

The 1922 Old Wedding Photograph of Princess Mary of England to Viscount LascellesOn Feb 28 1922 the wedding of Princess Mary of England to Viscount Lascelles took place in Westminster Abbey, London, England.

Queen Mary, King George and the dowager Queen Alexandra were all in attendance.  In this 1922 royal wedding photo are; the bride Princess Mary of England, the groom Viscount Lascelles, plus their attendant bridesmaids.  The wedding photograph was taken in Buckingham Palace.

The lace wedding dress of Princess Mary follows the straight lines of the day.  Her attendants all wear cloche veils as headdresses.

Key - Standing from left to right, Lady Doris Gordon-Lenox, Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the groom Viscount Lascelles and the bride Princess Mary of England, Major Sir Victor McKenzie, Lady Dina Bridgman and Lady May Cambridge.  Sitting from left to right, Lady Mary Cambridge, Princess Maud, Lady Rachel Cavendish and Lady Mary Thynne.

The wedding of one of the bridesmaids, Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, which followed the next year is also featured on fashion-era.  Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, later became the Queen Elizabeth consort of George VI.  Her daughter became Queen Elizabeth; read about Queen Elizabeth's royal wedding in 1947 here.

Other Celebrity Weddings in 1922

  • James Cagney and Frances 'Billie' Vernon
  • Louis 'Dickie' Mountbatten and Edwina Ashley
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II and Hermine Reuss-Greiz

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