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Princess Margaret Wedding Dress 1960

C20th Fashion History
1960 Royal Wedding Dress Pictures
 1960 Princess Margaret's Wedding

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1960s Photos of Royal Wedding Dresses
1960 Princess Margaret Wedding Pictures 1960 vogue dress pattern 4139

Sketch of typical wedding dress of the late 50s to early 60s era. The decade started with a typical wedding dress silhouette like this picture left and the Vogue pattern right.

The skirt is less full than the 1950s crinoline wedding dresses, but still has volume.

The bodice is neat and fitted with straight sleeves and the train flows from the centre back waist.


The Royal Family at the Wedding of H.R.H. Princess Margaret with Anthony Armstrong Jones 1960.

Wedding of H.R.H. Princess Margaret with Anthony Armstrong Jones 1960.

Standing next to H.R.H. Princess Margaret are the H.R.H. Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen Mother and Sir Ronald Armstrong Jones.  H.R.H. Princess Margaret is wearing the famous Poltimore Tiara, a gift from Queen Mary.  The princess had her hair arranged in a huge bun which formed a firm base for the large tiara.  Incidentally, the tiara can be converted into a necklace.  In 2006 this Poltimore Tiara was sold for over $1.5 million dollars.

Standing next to the bridegroom are Her Majesty the Queen, H.R.H. Prince Charles and Lady Anne Armstrong Jones (Mother of the Groom).

The eight bridesmaids were led by H.R.H. Princess Anne, who is seated below her grandmother.

The Bridal Couple - Wedding of H.R.H. Princess Margaret with Anthony Armstrong Jones 1960.

The Bridal Couple - Wedding of H.R.H. Princess Margaret with Anthony Armstrong Jones 1960.

The silk wedding dress was designed by fashion designer Norman Hartnell who had also designed special gowns for her sister, including the Her Majesty The Queen's coronation gown and her wedding dress.  Princess Margaret's wedding gown followed the general lines of fashionable wedding dresses of the early 1960s. 

However her future husband Tony Armstrong Jones renowned for his keen eye for design, had suggested that with her petite frame and low height, she should choose a classic unfussy style that would help streamline her look.   So there was no lavish embroidery, thick antique heirloom lace or heavy embellishment.  Thus the bodice had a V neckline to elongate the line from face to waist and the sleeves were also long and slim.  Thus Princess Margaret's wedding dress was very simple and uncluttered and the silk tulle veil was satin bound.  All in all, her wedding dress looks very classy nearly 50 years on.

1960 Key Events Facts

  • World Population in 1960 grown to 3 billion.  (CIA estimated World population in 2005 at over 6 billion at 6,442,515,501).
  • The presidential election of the USA was televised for the first time. JFK connected with viewers better than Nixon and the result was that politics changed forever as candidates had to be groomed for TV appearances thereafter.
  • If 1960 was a year of memorable history when John F Kennedy was elected president.  He became one of the most popular presidents of USA in history.
  • Teflon non stick coated pans became available to the public.
  • UK National service was ended.
  • Lasers were invented.
  • Aluminium cans produced for first time.
  • U2 spy plane shot down over USSR.
  • Rome Olympic celebrated
  • Almost 60% of American families owned their own homes.
  • By the end of the fifties most American households owned their own car and washing machine.
  • Approximately 90% of Americans owned at least one television set.

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Old photos can be useful when tracing family members and narrowing down search dates. These photo pages may help you put an era to your undated images. If you have old wedding photos please send them to me and if suitable I will add them to this pictorial section of social history.



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