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Saxon, Frankish, Anglo Saxon Costume History

Early Clothing Costume History 500-1066AD
Saxon, Frankish & Anglo-Saxons

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Early Clothing Costume History 500-1066AD
Saxon, Frankish & Anglo-Saxon Clothing


Costume History - Saxon and Frankish fashion era 500 to 599 AD.

After the fall of the Roman Empire Britain went into the period known as the Dark Ages and the next area of costume is of the Saxon and Frankish fashion era 500 to 599 AD.
This page is one of illustrations only and further below these small illustrations are shown a larger size.

Fashion and costume of Anglo Saxon era about 700 AD to 1066.

These images above represent the period after that - the Anglo Saxon era about 700 AD to 1066.

Sixth Century Costume Images 500-599 AD

A British Chief & a British Soldier.

Sixth Century Costume History - A British Chief & A British Soldier

Above left - A British Chief.  Above right - A British Soldier

A Frankish Lady & a Frankish Nobleman

A Frankish Lady and a Frankish Nobleman

Above left - A Frankish Lady - Above right - A Frankish Nobleman

A Saxon Chief & a Saxon Lady

A Saxon Chief & A Saxon Lady

Above left - A Saxon Chief -  Above right - A Saxon Lady

Anglo-Saxon Costume Era About 700 to 1066 AD

An Anglo-Saxon King & and Anglo-Saxon Queen

An Anglo Saxon King & and Anglo Saxon Queen

Above left - An Anglo-Saxon King - Above right - An Anglo-Saxon Queen

An Anglo-Saxon Lady and an Anglo-Saxon Woman

An Anglo Saxon Lady and an Anglo Saxon Woman

Above left - An Anglo-Saxon Lady - Above right - An Anglo-Saxon Woman

An Anglo-Saxon Warrior and an Anglo-Saxon Man

An Anglo-Saxon Warrior and an Anglo-Saxon Man

An Anglo-Saxon Warrior and an Anglo-Saxon Man

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