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The list of fashion trends is endless, you will find many for the current year discussed in my Trends section.  This page is an extract from an earlier page left as costume history archive.

So What do You Need in 2002/3

Left here for archive fashion history purposes

In 2001 we saw the introduction of interesting patterns and new shapes in heels, peep toe shoes, sling back shoes and sandals.  After a winter of Victorian and Edwardian style ankle boots, dainty feminine shoes are making statements. Louis hourglass heels of various heights and pointed toe stiletto heel shoes said 2002. 

There was a revival of gold jewellery in 2001 after a few years of the millennium fashion for silver and platinum began to wane.  Now earrings are getting a new focus from drop dangle styles to a blossoming in size from tiny studs to that of a thumbnail.  Not quite the Dallas/Dynasty comeback, but a return to a small grape size look with plenty of sandblasting effects on the metals used.

The colours to watch out for in Spring /Summer 2002 were turquoise, greens, mushrooms, aubergine and burnt orange.  With still plenty of pinks, lilacs, purples and violets going through to midnight blues.  Whereas the colours for Autumn/ Winter 2002/3 are olive green, parsnip, damson, coffee and cream or dusty chocolate.

Pattern is emerging from a long rest with swirl patterns a revived form of Pucci print first appearing again in 2001.  Also spots in multi colours and diagonal striped tops are everywhere.  Tailored jackets will often be produced in striped materials, either pinstripe or boating stripes.  Italian influenced chevron style knits and paisley patterns will emerge in the autumn as the Seventies style revival really takes a hold.

Embroidery and rich floral patterns in borders or careful placement on a garment will echo a new hippy approach much neglected in the minimal nineties.

Denim in particular is being used for jackets from bomber to tailored styles.  Denim everything might be a good catch all phrase for 2002 as it is used for everything from stiletto shoes, bags to belts.

Suede will soon be as favoured as leather and fringing Pocahontas style will be a big feature on clothes and accessories made from skins.   Contoured firm leather shoulder bags, some with fringing add a newness to an old style.  Soon that same fringing style will translate into other fabrics.  By autumn 2002 some of the skins will be treated with punched or perforated patterns that show Elizabethan style flashes of contrast linings.

Other materials that will be popular by autumn 2002 include boiled wool, felt, paper thin leather, corduroy, satin, glossy black fur, white cashmere, and specially treated sheepskins to create a newer look.  Shearling and synthetic faux imitations of shearling mark winter 2003 and will continue well into autumn winter 2003/4 in a vast range of colours and styles of fur trims.

Note those peasant style and granny print blouson tops, Edwardian lace blouses, clutch bags, striped shirts, Grecian gatherings on shoulders and necklines, Bulgari style neck collars, peek a boo cut outs, open to elbow split sleeves, three quarter sleeves, laser cut lace effects all with a slight nod to bondage styling.  The cowboy look with boots will suit the need of the customer unlikely to go for bondage styles.

The list is endless, you will find more. 

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