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Costume and Fashion History

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 Costume and Fashion History Bibliography

Over the years I have read many enjoyable books related to fashion and costume and society. Your local library may have some of them, but some will be out of print. You can check out internet web book sites and I am sure you will find many that satisfy your needs. My favourites are in bold below. Those listed here were used as initial resources when writing the main historical aspects of the website.


Adburgham, Alison., (1964), Shops and Shopping, London, Allen & Unwin Ltd.

Arnold, J, (1964) Patterns of Fashion: Englishwomen's Dresses and their Construction, Volume 1, c.1660-1860 Wace.

Arnold, J, (1972) Patterns of Fashion: Englishwomen's Dresses and their Construction, Volume 2, c.1860-1940 MacMillan.

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Christie, Agatha., (1977), An Autobiography, Glasgow, Fontana Books Ltd.

Collier, G., (1929), Harlequinade, Tonbridge Printers.



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Cunnington, C, W and P. (1970), A Handbook of English Costume in the C19th. Faber.

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Ireland. Patrick John.  Fashion Design Illustration. Batsford.

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Pike, E. R., (1969), Human Documents of the Age of the Forsytes, Allen & Unwin Ltd.

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Wilcox, (1963), Five Centuries of American Costume, London, Charles & Black.

Wilson, E. and Taylor, Lou. (1989) BBC Books London Yarwood, (1955), English Costume, Batsford, Ltd.

Amy de la Haye and Cathie Dingwall, with photography by Daniel McGrath. (1996). Surfers Soulies Skinheads and Skaters - Subcultural Style From the Forties to the Nineties. Victoria and Albert Museum.

Other - Personal collection of written evidence, teaching/lecture notes, costume plates, photographs, magazines and memorabilia.

Weston, Pauline (1979) Dissertation.  A Comparative Study Between the Edwardian Hostess and the Edwardian Seamstress.

Weston, Pauline (1978) Dissertation. H. R. H. Queen Elizabeth II - The Splendour of Regal Wear.


  • The Sunday Times
  • The Times
  • The Guardian
  • New Society
  • The Sunday Strand
  • The Sunday Express
  • Ackermann's Repository of the Arts
  • Butterick Patterns
  • Cabinet Des Modes
  • Chic Parisien
  • The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine Galeries
  • Des Modes Godey's Costume Plates Heideloff's Gallery of Fashion
  • Harrods' Catalogue Journal des Modes Journal Fur 
  • Fabrik Manufaktur Le Magasin Des Familles La Mode
  • La Mode Artistique
  • La Mode Illustrée
  • Le Beau Monde
  • La Belle Assemblée
  • Le Conseiller Des Dames Et Des Demoiselles
  • Le Follet
  • Le Moniteur De La Mode
  • Queen Magazine
  • The Young Ladies Journal
  • Weldon's Illustrated Dressmaker

Various current and past fashion magazines including:-

Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Company, Elle, Essentials, Eve, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Harpers, In Style, Marie Claire, Options, New Woman, Prima, Red, She, Tatler, Vanity Fair, Woman's Journal, Woman and Home, Woman's Own, Woman, Burda.

This information is constantly changing. can take no responsibility for any loss you may incur as a result of using the information here.

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