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Body Adornment and Shape
Fashion History

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Body Adornment

Historical development of 'The body beautiful'.  A fashion history of cosmetics and acceptance of make up.
Jewellery history and perfume history, famous perfumes.

Beauty is Shape

Different views of the fashionable body silhouette as ugly or beautiful.

 This section highlights manipulation methods used in fashion history from foot binding to cosmetic surgery all done to gain the cultural ideal of an era in a particular society.

Make Up and Beauty History

The developing history and acceptance of make up and beauty products from the mid C18th to 1950. 

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Make Up - Part 1 

Cosmetics before 1950.  Victorian Delicacy,  Edwardian Beauties

Make Up - Part 2

Cosmetics after 1950. Glamour, Mary Quant 


Adorning the body with jewellery is an ancient custom found in every society. These pages trace the history of fine precious and fake costume jewellery styles used to adorn the body throughout fashion history. 

A brief survey from Roman times, through Sumptuary laws of fashion history, to 80's glitz and glamour.

How to Care For Pearls

Perfume History

A look at the early use of perfumes, scents and chemical advances in anointing the body beautiful with perfumes. An explanation of what perfume is and tips for wearing perfume. 

Famous perfumes past and present. New perfumes, sales, myths and lost perfumes.

Luxury Exclusive Niche Perfumes

Body Shop Invent a Scent

Caron Perfume History


Beauty Thoughts Jan 2005

Some favourite beauty items that make great presents at Xmas or any other time.

New Perfumes After 2000

A listing of famous newer perfumes and a brief description of the perfume notes.

Perfume Addiction

Perfume and Fragrance Trends

Invisible Silicone Bras

Modern underwear fashion history. A look at one type of invisible modern silicone skin bra known as a magic bra because it has no straps and it self supports the bust. 5 June 2005

Costume Jewellery Pictures Oct 2004

Pictures of examples of vintage costume jewellery, including crystal and items by Trifari, Schiaparelli, Vendome etc. Colourful examples.

Costume Jewellery Pictures 2 Oct 2004

Pictures of examples of vintage costume jewellery, including sets by Trifari, Matisse, Renoir etc.

Freshwater Pearls - Pictures 1

 Freshwater Pearls - Pictures 2


Indian Lac Jewellery.

6 pages with 5 pages of samples pictures of lac enamel jewellery from Rajasthan. One page detailing how the traditional ethnic wax filled jewellery is made.

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