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March Birthstone Diamond

Months in the Calendar
April, Birthstone Diamond

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Months in the Calendar - April, Birthstone Diamond

The piece below was designed by Princess Beatrice, daughter of Queen Victoria and is from an 1881 publication. 

Month of April
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Today you can copy this idea using well crafted calligraphy skills or simply use a decorative font from the computer.  Add your own border using wrapping paper, decoupage or other sketching skills.

April Poem




April is associated with the goddess Aphrodite.  In latin, Aprilis is a shortened form of Aphrodite.  Another derivation for April is from the latin verb aperire, which means to open, fitting for a month where so many buds burst forth.

Astrological Signs

Aries - March 22–April 20  Taurus April 21–May 21

April Birthstone - The Diamond

Linked to eternity, love and wealth, the diamond is a sparkling stone from transparent to opaque from colourless to black.  Remember the 4 Cs - Colour, Cut, Carat and Clarity. When choosing a diamond for an engagement the cost should be at least one months salary if not two.  This is a sound investment for an item worn daily.

The diamond birthstone is frequently used as the jewellery choice for an engagement ring.  This is because the diamond gem is the hardest of gem stones.  Not only is it beautiful, but it can also withstand harsher everyday treatment than many other stones found in jewellery pieces. 

Diamonds can be yellow, pink, blue and even red.  Exceptionally large diamonds have often carried curses as they were often the basis for theft and murder in the process. 

Birthstones of the Calendar

The name of many calendar months have Latin derivations.  Birthstones were initially linked to the Zodiac, but now are linked to calendar months.  Birthstone jewellery has always been thought to have magical powers within them with such powers passed to the wearer of the gem.  This idea has been revived by new age followers who extol the virtues of natural quartz crystals. They emphasise the importance of good harmony, energy, chi, balance, and healing.  In addition the stones are often very pretty!  Talismanic Jewellery has gained new importance since the millennium.

Individuals often feel special wearing jewellery corresponding to their own birthstones.  Many people develop collections based around a fondness for their own particular birthstone.  Some months of the year have two or three stones as birthstones.  New gems and semi precious stones have become more popular.  Cultures have merged and mixed so much in the past 100 years, that original lists of birthstones popular in any one country have tended to merge so that several stones are often featured in lists.

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