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Edwardian Corsetry

Late Edwardian Era Fashion Plates - 5

Circa 1910-1913 Fashion History

By Pauline Weston Thomas for

Late Edwardian Era Fashion Plates

Collecting fashion plates, original or reproduced is an enchanting plus side to the study of fashion and costume history. 

The main newer fuller section of 18 pages on the history of fashion plates is here.

On this older page here these lovely fashion history plate examples below have been reproduced as fine prints.  They are ideal for grouping as a wall arrangement for interiors.  These Fashion Plates in full colour are all print reproductions of the originals.  See and understand the collecting of fashion plates in my new section on fashion plates.


 Fashion History through Late Edwardian/Titanic era Fashion Plates of glorious evening gowns - courtesy of
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For information specific to this late Edwardian era, you may find it useful to read my page Orientalism in Dress and the general page on La Belle Époque 1895-1914 Fashion

Note too, the use of fur shown on the hems, sleeve hemlines of both the evening dresses and the day clothes illustrated above.  They show how lavish and sumptuous clothes had become for those with enough money to afford high fashion designer models such as these.  Ladies who sailed the Titanic in 1912 may well have worn gowns based on similar designs.

These clothes are a perfect example of the fashion of the lost golden age. They were at the end of an era of an elaborate fashion etiquette that places the wealthy, late Edwardian woman in a different world to the rest of the 20th century.  By 1913 hemlines began their slow rise showing a little of the ankle.  Extravagance in dress was soon frowned upon as utilitarian clothing was enforced on many during the 1914-18 Great War years.

The main newer fuller section of 18 pages on the history of fashion plates is here



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