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Festive and Nativity Sewing with Simplicity Patterns

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Festive & Nativity Sewing Patterns By Simplicity


Many of you will be seeking sewing patterns with a costume or festive theme.  Simplicity have a range of dressmaking patterns suitable for Victorian Christmas street fairs and nativity plays. They also have sewing patterns for Santa outfits for Christmas parties and other festive activities such as fancy dress parties.  These seasonal dressmaking patterns featured here are courtesy of Simplicity Sewing Patterns.  Such patterns are cut to modern day body measurements and are fairly easy to follow.  All these patterns were available at the time of updating this page in September 2006.

On this page, I have selected some patterns which reflect Xmas and fantasy dressing.  You can see more fancy dress choices on the next page. You will find many more costume sewing patterns at, plus images of the back views and yardage requirements.  Choose from patterns for male costumes, women, children and toddlers as well as Disney costumes, Victorian, Civil War or Renaissance re-enactment.

All thumbnail images of patterns below are courtesy of

Festive & Nativity Sewing Patterns by Simplicity

Simplicity Pattern 4851of Victorian Carol Singers Simplicity Pattern 4393 of Father Xmas Costume
Simplicity Pattern 4851Simplicity Pattern 4393

What better start to the holiday season than being a participant player at a Christmas Fair or Carol service.   If so, Simplicity Patterns 4851 and 4393 are just the costumes you need.   Maybe dressing up as an elf, a Father Xmas Santa or as Mother Xmas is more your style?  Then Simplicity sewing pattern 4393 is the answer.  By using the very best materials and the pattern above, you can produce a high quality, plush Father Christmas costume.  Get more ideas for these funny Santa Claus pictures.

Simplicity Pattern 5373 - Easy Costume Patterns for Angels and Puritans.
Simplicity Pattern 4046 Simplicity Pattern 5373

Or if you are younger and a little friskier, you may see yourself in this playgirl version of Ms Christmas with Simplicity sewing pattern 4046. You could though opt to be and angel or a witch with Simplicity Pattern 5373.  If you see yourself as a fairy maybe this pattern 5363 below would give you your wings.

Simplicity Pattern 4795 Simplicity Pattern 4213

What a great selection of adult biblical costumes from Simplicity sewing patterns 4795 (adults) and 4213. Simplicity Pattern 4797 is children's version of  4795. These costumes are suitable not only for any nativity play, but also easily adapted for Easter and other biblical plays too.

Simplicity Pattern 5794 -  Lavish Capes and Cloaks Simplicity Pattern 4947 - A Beautiful Cape
Simplicity Pattern 5794 Simplicity Pattern 5373
Wonder Costumes
Elegant Adult Halloween Costumes and adorable Kids costumes

Simplicity Pattern 5794  is a full length cover-up cloak and a great idea for a top layer over any historical costume or fancy dress.  Simplicity Pattern 4947 would be an elegant cape for a modern or costumed miss too.  The cape could be adapted to a festive red Christmas cape with white marabou or other fur trim.

Do visit to see many more excellent sewing patterns.  Each pattern can be given your own individual touch with a personal decorative finish, making the finished article a totally individual made to measure costume. Visit Simplicity for fuller details on fabric yardage and back views.

All thumbnail images of patterns here are courtesy of Simplicity.comMy special thanks to Simplicity administrative staff.

Page added 4 November 2005.

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