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These pages are about fashion plates and costume plates. They look at specialist C19th fashion magazines that issued fashion plates with examples. There are also some pages of reproduction fashion plates and trade plates, which guided dress manufacturers in the production of up to the minute clothing styles.

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1 Early Costume and Fashion Plates

Le Monument du Costume, Cabinet des Modes, La Gallerie des Modes Heideloff's Gallery of Fashion. The World of Fashion an important London Regency publication.

2. La Belle Assemblée and Ackermann's

An understanding of fashion and costume plates from La Belle Assemblée. An introduction to Ackermann's Repository.

3. Le Petit Courrier des Dames

3. Le Petit Courrier des Dames plus Le Journal des Dames et Des Modes Costumes Parisiens. Lovely fashion plates of late Regency fashion.


4. Le Follet Courier des Salons

Le Follet Courier des Salons Fashion plates and La Mode & Gavarni.

5. Godey's Lady's Book

Godey's Lady's Book and a brief overview of Peterson's and Graham's.

6. Moniteur de la Mode

The Moniteur de la Mode


7. The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine

12 colour fashion plates from The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine. A summary of the magazine history. A look at sleeves of 1869.

8. La Mode Illustree

A look at a genuine original antique fashion plate from la Mode Illustree. Tell tale signs of original fashion plates. La Mode Illustrée example of 1899.

9. La Mode Illustree

A look at vintage reproduction fashion plates.  Tell tale signs of reprint fashion plates. La Mode Illustrée examples of the mid late Victorian era.

10. The Queen Fashion Magazine 1890s -1908

A look at the history of The Queen fashion magazine and fashion plates of the 1890s. Sandoz the artist. 3 Chic Parisian Colouring in pictures.

11. Le Journal Des Demoiselles & Titanic Era

Titanic Era fashion Plates from Le Journal Des Demoiselles. 1913 wedding dress and waists on fashion plates. 6 reprint late Edwardian/Titanic fashion plates.

12. Mixed fashion Plates

1800 - 1900 A selection of plates for female dress for  each decade of the C19th.

13. Men in Fashion Plates

Four C19th fashion plates showing male dress including frock coats and shooting dress.

14. Types of Fashion Plate & Papers, Pochoir Prints

An explanation of chromolithograph, engraving, laid paper, Pochoir stencils.

15. Children's Costume Plates

16. GreyScale

Greyscale images of the 12 images on page 7 of The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine. This is ideal for school use, colouring in and tinting of costumes.

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An introduction to collecting antique and vintage fashion plates.

Edwardian Fashion Plates

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