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 An Independent Fashion Shop
Review of Fashion at Acanthus
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By Pauline Weston Thomas for


An Independent Fashion Shop  - Review of Fashion at Acanthus

Acanthus -  1 Cornmarket, Worcester WR1 2DJ, Tel: 01905 611006

I thought I'd tell you about a small shop that I sometimes buy from in Worcester UK.  Acanthus is owned by Anna Boldry, a local independent clothing retailer in Worcester UK.  I visited Anna in October 2005 to see some of her stock.  My aim was to review typical items on sale at an independent UK boutique style shop with Christmas and New Year in mind.   Location below.


Velvet from Avoca Anthology at Acanthus

This wonderful red velvet coat by Avoca Anthology is covered in ribbon circular sunburst decorative embellishment arrangements. Click for closer detail of ribbon circular sunburst decorative embellishment arrangements.

This wonderful red velvet coat by Avoca Anthology is made of ribbon embellished fabric. The material is covered in decorative arrangements of circular ribbon sunburst whorls and is priced at 337.  It is such a special coat and Anna had just 2 in stock at the time of my visit including one size 16.

Detail of ribbon circular sunburst decorative embellishment arrangements.

Beautifully lined, the top fabric is 100% viscose velvet so has wonderful drape.  The intensity of red colour is enhanced by the way viscose, a cellulose fibre absorbs dye readily giving the fabric a lush depth of rich colour.  The ribbon decorated sunburst whorls in tones of the cerise through red orange spectrum add interest and liveliness making a captivating coat.

Avoca Anthology is a unique label from Dublin and made in County Wicklow, Ireland. First image courtesy of Avoca Anthology.

Red Velvet Avoca Anthology Coat

The wonderful red velvet Avoca Anthology coat above was hanging at the back of the shop and it caught my eye as I opened the shop door.  It is without doubt a real showstopper and I have regretted ever since my visit not trying it on, but I had bought a subtle gold jacquard brocade coat the week before, so had to resist and control myself. 

Refraining was even more important as I was also taking photographs and making notes so had to rein myself in from getting too distracted!  I think you will agree it is gorgeous.  I have no idea where I would wear it, but I know I would like to own it just to hang it outside of my wardrobe and look at it like a piece of art!  But yes I do know and you know that it would be perfect for some event at Xmas.  (You can see some more images of an Anthology crushed velvet coat from Acanthus on the next page.)

Brocade at Acanthus

If tweed was the fabric of the past few years and velvet is the current love of fashionistas, then brocade is the next big fashion fabric.  Anna is always ahead of the pack and has clothes to suit a wide range of events from special occasions to casual laid back easy living day wear that is just that little bit different.  You can be sure you won't see dozens of others wearing any outfit you buy there. 

The Noa Noa brocade skirts below are lovely.  On the far left the golden amber brocade skirt is by Noa Noa at 70.  Under it is a net tulle petticoat in gold at 20 giving such a pretty effect and very much the current look of volume.  It has been teamed with a 100%  pure wool ballet pink jacket with velvet ribbon trim and false under sleeves at 100. 

Brocade from Noa Noa at Acanthus


Brocade Skirt, wool jacket from Acanthus. Brocade jacket back. Noa Noa pleated viscose and silk small pattern brocade skirt in the peach colourway

In the centre picture is a jacket made up in a variation of a similar brocade woven now in gold and teal blue a hot colour combination for this season.  Finally on the right is a Noa Noa pleated viscose and silk small pattern brocade skirt in the peach colourway at 80.  These have been styled in the currently popular way of wearing such clothes as layered looks. The same skirt is shown below in the teal colourway.


Anna has a good range of limited different stock and is an expert in her field.  When you discuss an item with her she knows every other piece of stock in her shop that was selected by her.  She is always able to locate the perfect finishing touch item to complement to it. 


Noa Noa Brocade Items at Acanthus

Noa Noa Brocade Items at Acanthus Back View of Noa Noa Brocade Items at Acanthus. Noa Noa teal blue velvet jacket trimmed with matching teal brocade.

The teal brocade pleated skirt by Noa Noa at 80 in these pictures is a different colour way to the one above.  The skirt looked delightful teamed with any number of jackets especially them the Noa Noa 100 gold and teal brocade jacket shown above. The shawl collar Noa Noa teal blue velvet jacket right was trimmed with matching teal brocade and a Miu Miu style waist ribbon.  At 80 this velvet jacket is a very individual looking piece.

As I browsed the rails the thought 'Yes lots of these pieces are great for a special item for Xmas' buzzed through my head.  Anna  really loves her stock and has some unusual and well crafted items that say exclusive boutique to me.

You can see some more images of items from or recently from Acanthus on the next page.

Location Details

The Acanthus clothes shop is very easy to find and is in a busy prime city-centre location with an outdoor car park nearby in the Cornmarket area of Worcester.  This is the same area that hosts the Worcester Christmas Fayre.  The location is just around the corner from Reindeer Court which itself leads to the Shambles back entrance of Marks and Spencers.  The shop is also about 300 yards from Worcester Foregate Street Rail station.  Use  with the United Kingdom postcode WR1 2DJ to see the location.

You can see some more images of items from or recently from Acanthus on the next page.

Page added October 27 2005.

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