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Admin Only - Fashion-era News

Latest News about Fashion-era new pages on costume/fashion and admin forum messages.

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The Powder Room

Introduce yourself, have general chat and off topic discussions.

  • 153 Topics
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Toggle this category Fashion Forum at Fashion-era

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Fashion Trends

Talk about female fashion trends great and ghastly. What you can see is in fashion and what's on the wane style wise.

  • 230 Topics
  • 1,181 Replies
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The Revamp Room

Give and ask for wardrobe and grooming advice tips. Debate the latest make-up, beauty products, jewellery, hair styles and perfumes. Small, tall, short, thin or big girls this is for your query. If you have problems finding great clothes ask here. Compare brand fits and add tips.

  • 97 Topics
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Fashion Shopping

Fashion discussion about clothes for real people and bought from high street stores. Typical UK/European stores such as Next, Zara, H & M, Monsoon, M & S, B.H.S., Wallis, Top Shop, Jigsaw, Kew, Minuet, Kaliko, Alex & Co., Planet, Oasis, Gap, to New Look etc..... Tell us your favourite designer sales, market stalls of samples and where to buy that much desired item hot or not, from fashion jewellery to boots.

  • 137 Topics
  • 463 Replies
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Celebrity Fashion, Fashion Designers & Runway Weeks, Fashion Magazines

Love it or hate it discuss your favourite celebrity fashions here. The best and worst of fashion designer shows. Discuss this month's fashion magazines like Vogue, In style, Marie Claire etc.

  • 87 Topics
  • 290 Replies
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Miss Very Vintage

For all who love collecting, wearing and learning more about vintage or retro clothes, accessories and jewellery. Questions, tips and hints.

  • 85 Topics
  • 185 Replies
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Fashion Design, Fashion Software & Fashion Writing

Tell everyone about your Fashion Designing, Drawing & Sketching and your Fashion Ambitions/Careers. Now includes - Favourite software for fashion work and graphics. Paint Shop Pro, Poser etc.,Snapfashun, Colour Matters, Lectra as well as embroidery software and machine knitting DesignaKnit or similar software.

  • 199 Topics
  • 645 Replies
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Fashion Careers & Going Rate for Fashion Related Work or Crafts

Discuss the going rate for fashion related work. Just how much should you charge manufacturers and small boutiques for your fashion designs, garments, unique accessories, sewing alterations or dressmaking and bridal skills. Ask and give advice to others.

  • 57 Topics
  • 107 Replies

Toggle this category Costume History Forum at Fashion-era

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Social History Trends

Social and lifestyle trends as we notice them happening. From mobile phone styles to marriage statistics to changes in demographics to how we view life now. What the historian of 2025 will write about life in 2004/5.

  • 17 Topics
  • 80 Replies
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After 1950 to 2000 - Costume History

New Look to Noughties. Talk about fashion history - 1950s, 1960s, 1970s 1980s and 1990s. Swinging sixties, seventies, punks, New Romantics, Goths.

  • 45 Topics
  • 95 Replies
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1900-1949 - Costume History

Discuss fashion history of the Edwardian or Titanic eras, 1920s Flappers, 1930s and 1940s to Utility to New Look.

  • 67 Topics
  • 107 Replies
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Victorians 1837-1901, Regency to Romantic 1800-1837 - Costume History

Discuss your interest in Victorian costume through early, mid to late Victorian styles from 1837-1901. Converse about Regency style, Jane Austen, to Romantic fashion. 1800 - 1837. Costume Re-enactment - talk about costumes for the C19th.

  • 53 Topics
  • 106 Replies
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Fashion Before 1800 - Costume History

Ask the forum your questions about dress of ancient civilizations from Egyptian, Greek or Roman dress. Costume Re-enactment - talk about costumes for Medieval, Tudor, Restoration, Georgian clothes or other eras.

  • 18 Topics
  • 37 Replies
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General Costume, Fashion, Textile and Fancy Dress Questions

Discussion help, hints and tips on information and resources on costume, textiles and fashion coursework. For queries on costume, suppliers, fabrics and fibres or fashion terms where you don't know the exact era/term. Fancy Dress - Ask your questions fancy dress costume. Give others hints and tips.

  • 99 Topics
  • 163 Replies
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Costume Films and Dating Old Photos

Influences and trends from costume or contemporary movies, TV series, sagas, dramas and Films. Educational Costume and fashion films. Reviews of costume interest films of any era. Dating Old Photographs - Ask others for help in dating old family photographs.

  • 47 Topics
  • 175 Replies

Toggle this category Fashion Crafts and Sewing Forum at Fashion-era

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Pattern Drafting and Fashion Dressmaking

Ask and give advice about pattern drafting and adaptations for females. Favourite branded and vintage dressmaking patterns. Discuss your current fashion sewing dressmaking and tailoring. Tell everyone about your couture tips to achieve a truly professional finish

  • 85 Topics
  • 232 Replies
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Wedding Planning & Bridal Related Topics, Bridal Jewellery, Decorative Sewing

Discuss wedding gown and bridesmaid dress styles, themed weddings, wedding planning, bridal reception decor, bridal jewellery gifts etc.
Chat about bridal or evening fashion sewing projects and couture, vintage/costume inspiration.

  • 34 Topics
  • 131 Replies
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Fashion Crafts and General Paper Crafts

Describe and give 'how to' hints about your fashion crafts such as costumed dolls, fashion accessories, machine embroidery and machine knitting. Paper Dolls - Discuss Paper Dolls, Paper Doll Artwork and Artists from the wide variety found among modern and vintage paper dolls.

  • 21 Topics
  • 53 Replies
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Seasonal Ideas

Add your ideas and links for seasonal festivities from Christmas, Easter, Diwali to Chinese New Year etc to include costume, crafts, fashion, decor or seasonal food recipes.

  • 21 Topics
  • 18 Replies

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