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1930s hats

1930s Hat Styles
Fashion and Costume History
Pictures of Hats 1930-1939

By Pauline Weston Thomas for


1930s Hat Fashions - Costume History Pictures


A wide selection of hats and hairstyles for each year of the 1930s decade is shown in thumbnail form images which expand to A4 on the next page.

Hats of the 1930s

The wide brim and the high crown had been lost to almost a generation, however, in about 1934 milliners looked to Europe for inspiration.  Hats in a much wider variety of styles than had been spied for well over a decade, were at last back in fashion.

Hats of the 1930s

1930 1930 1930
1930s Hats Picture of a line drawing of a 1930 hat. 1930s Hats

Pert 1930s Hats

Perky hats with an Austrian or Cossack feel had an outdoor sporty appeal.  In 1935 high crowned hats were tilted at a jaunty angle and had a flirtatious quality. They were small and pert and were contrasted with wider sailor style hats.  One of the most typical styles that captures the era is the 'Florentine' hat.

Designers vied to produce shock value hats and Schiaparelli made a range of surreal zany hats that included the lamb chop/cutlet hat, the shoe hat and fruit basket hats.

Pert 1930s Hats

1935 1936 1937
Picture of a line drawing of a 1936 hat.

The 30's Snood

Picture of a line drawing of a 1939 snood hat.Schiaparelli also introduced a Victorian revival in the form of the modern snood in 1935.  The snood became a mainstay method of keeping hair free from machinery in wartime Britain.  Since the snood was crocheted it was also easy to copy and knitting and crochet and tatting patterns appeared in magazines everywhere. Right - 1939 Snood

Meanwhile over in Hollywood Victorian themed films with lavish costumes like Gone with the Wind inspired a whole range of new hat styles for the 1930s.

Once the Second World War started hats became less practical as people had to rush to air raid shelters and they would literally drop everything.  Barriers of etiquette became broken down and although hats were not rationed in order to boost morale their wearing decreased.  Hats that were worn were generally practical and often homemade knitted warm hats, berets and hoods.  Fast hats were formed as women tied headscarves into and instant hat.  Designers produced various new styles, but many only became universally popular after the war finished.

A wide selection of hats for each year of the 1930s is shown on the next page.

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