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Knitted and Felt Hats by Constance Willems

  Knitted and Felted Hats

By Constance Willems

Fashion Hats for the C21st

 By Pauline Weston Thomas for


Knitted and Felt Hats by Constance Willems


Like visitors to the fashion-era website I also enjoy browsing the internet.  So I was excited to make contact with Constance Willems and her wonderful knitted hats.  Constance has kindly allowed me to bring a selection of them to you here.  I felt they were just the sort of hats people would feel fitted really well into the new millennium, after a century of hat history.  You can of course visit Constance's site below to see even more examples and all the many available colours.  You can also order and buy one of her stylish hats at her site. 

These hats Constance designs, also take a fresh approach to knitted hats in the 21st century.  She uses luxury yarns of cashmere, merino and silk or straw to knit her fabrics for the hats and sometimes felts the knitted fabric.  Many are double faced rib knits.  The hat can be a wrap or a portable rain hood and suit many different people, from the funky young man or woman about town who loves unusual headgear, to the traditional wearer of head coverings as seen in the Middle East.

One factor I like about Constance's hats is that they seem timeless, ageless and free of the old restraints of formality associated with hat wearing.  Many would also be comfortable to those receiving medical treatments which involve the head.  I'm sure they are the sort of hat that becomes like an old friend, suiting urban environments as much as country living. 

A Selection of Knitted Hats 2005

Images by arrangement with Constance Willems of

Click thumbnails for lovely enlargements

Straw wedding crown by Constance Willems Designs.Straw hat by Constance WillemsPagoda influenced straw hat by Constance Willems Designs.Straw cap style hat perfect for golfing.

A selection of Constance's delightful straw hats, starting with the wedding crown far left and ending with her straw golf cap far right.

Felted rain hood by Constance WillemsFelted hat by Constance WillemsFelted hat perfect for skiing or everyday by Constance WillemsFelted hat and jacket by Constance Willems

A selection of felted goods from Constance's designs. The rain hood far left is a functional and stylish design masterpiece.  Now that cropped jacket looks very cute.....

This is Constance's luxury yarn double-coloured Wrap Knit Hat that can be wrapped, tied or knotted around the head in various ways.

 Wrap Knit Hat that can be wrapped, tied or knotted around the head in various ways.

A selection of knitted hats courtesy of Constance Willems of

Brief Biography of Constance Willems


Constance Willems has a professional background in fashion and textiles which has involved practising her artistic craft skills in a practical way by creating new artwork and passing on her valuable skills teaching students of textiles.  She has excellent machine knitting design skills.  She studied fashion & textile design at the Royal Academy of Art in the Netherlands.  From that moment on, she always worked as a designer of knits for all different kinds of fashion companies in Europe.

For some years Constance was a professor of textile design teaching in Holland and Germany, but since her hats collection became more internationally renowned, she recently stopped a full time teaching job to concentrate on freelance designer work. 

This more recent work includes innovative designer knits for the opera, theatre and television in Germany.  Look above at some of these unusual hats and you'll see why I like them so much.  My favourite is the straw crown and my husband really liked the crown too when we discussed the image.  Constance also makes the wedding crown in silver or gold and you can see the image and prices for this at her website

Constance is available for teaching, talks or workshops at congresses, design schools, fashion academies and universities.  She is a very talented lady.

You can check prices and more styles and colours at Constance's web site

My sincere thanks to Constance Willems for allowing me to use her interesting and modern hats in this hat history section.

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