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Lady Diane's Reproduction Hats

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Hand Tailored Hats - Lady Diane's Reproduction Hats


This page is devoted to two people who make hats today. One is Carol Marston originally an angora sheep farmer who founded a company that supplies modern hat blocks, and the second is Diane Siverson of . She makes hats that can be used for costuming or fashion purposes.Picture of a lady wearing one of Lady Diane Hats with an Edwardian summer dress.

You can make your own hats using Carol Marston's products at or you can buy ready made hat products designed to be used in situations such as amateur dramatics or costumed fairs etc., from a creative lady like Diane Siverson.  Diane Siverson makes hats that have an ostentatious feel to them.  A quick look at a few of her styles and an Edwardian themed My Fair Lady instantly springs to mind as easily, as does a Gainsborough painting when you see her hats. 

In the re-enactment picture just below a modern day lady wears a white summer lingerie dress with a magnificent hat from Diane.  Yet also in the header above we have a lovely example of a cloche hat and this style is perfect for the early flapper cloche hat era.  Just below see an enlargement of a re-enactment player wearing a Lady Diane Hat. Twelve examples of Lady Diane's reproduction hats are shown below further down in the table.

Lady Diane Hats

I think visitors to the fashion-era website will enjoy seeing her hats in the table below and on occasion purchasing directly from Diane.  Here are some pictures of hats courtesy of Lady Diane's Hats.  You can find out more information and see more styles and prices of hats at her site  Read more about Diane's hats further down.   Also read about how Carol started her business for hatshapers which are hat moulds.

A selection of period style hats courtesy of

Click thumbnails for lovely enlargements

A selection of period style hats courtesy of

You can check prices and side views at the ladydiane site.

Click thumbnails for lovely enlargements

Every hat that Diane makes is an original hat designs that is hand tailored.  They also have a unique reformable brim designed to accent your style by bending the brim into any shape that you wish time and again.   At an extra charge you can also have hats custom made by her and this would give you the opportunity to match for example a bridesmaid's hat to her dress or an historical costume to the hat.  Above is a selection of period style hats courtesy of


Carol Marston used to spend hours waiting for her children when they were exiting school and she began to ease the boredom of the long waits by knitting hats as she sat in her car and using up some of her wonderful angora yarns.  Eventually she had a pile of hats.  She decided she needed a hat block to felt and block some of the fifty knitted angora hats she'd made.

She found the traditional wooden blocks on offer quite expensive, so using her knowledge from her days worked as a dental assistant, she experimented with dental moulding products to produce her first modern hatshaping mould.  Further experimentation over a year, led to the creation of plastic moulded bases able to withstand the heavy temperatures involved in steaming hats.  Her hat company was born.  You can read more about Carol's Hatshapers and exactly how her company evolved right here at her site

Carol has found a market for her hat shaping products because they are a modern approach to an old skill.  The old skills of hat making are suddenly being revived developed in lots of situations, but in particular for re-enactment events, but often using modern uncrushable materials.  So here you have two good links that will enable you to experiment with products to make your own hat or if you are not a creative type you can easily order one to suit you.


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