Hats and Hair Fashion History

 Hats and Hair
Fashion History of Hairstyles

By Pauline Weston Thomas for Fashion-Era.com

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Hats and Hairstyles

This section looks at the costume history of hat wearing in the C20th from 1900 to 1980.

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Read and see the Queen's Hats from this era here.

Origin of Hat Wearing Comment

A brief look at the fashion history of hat wearing in the C20th from 1900 to the present. The demise of the hat.

 Hats and Hair 1900-1920

The fashion history of hats Edwardians favoured and how hats changed when war occurred. The toque hat.

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Clip in Hair Extensions 1

Product review of clip in hair extensions, hints and tips. Added 14 Nov 2005.  Lots of clip in hair extensions pictures.  Photos before cutting of clip in Bohyme human hair extensions.

  Hair 1900-1920

A look at the underpinning support frames used by Edwardian ladies to achieve pompadour and other hairstyles.  Fashion plates showing pictures of Edwardian hair styles and some with hair ornaments, feathers etc.

Hats and Hair 1920-1930

A look at the importance and development of the fashion history of the cloche hat, the iconic symbol of the 1920s.


Clip in Hair Extensions Cut 2 

Clip in Hair Extensions

Types of hair extension methods and a little history about false human hair and wig additions.

 Extra Hat Pictures 1920-1930

Hat costume history from 1920, 1922, 1923-25, 1927. Hair of the 1920s. 
Oct 13 2005

Hats and Hair 1930-1940

Hats Page 1930-40 A brief written costume history of hat fashion in the 1930s.

Hats and Hairstyles
Page 2 1930's Images

Images of hats and hair styles 1930-1939. Each thumbnail prints to an A4 sheet of small images for each year.

 Late 1930s Marie Claire Magazine Fashion History

A visitor writes about Marcelle Auclair cofounder of the early Marie Claire magazine. Pictures of hats and hair on 1937-1940 magazine covers. 9 Sept 2005

Images of Hats and Hairstyles 1941-1945  

Images of hats and hair styles 1941-1945. Each thumbnail prints to an A4 sheet of small images.

Images of Hats and Hairstyles 1946-1949

Images of hats and hair styles 1946 -1949. Each thumbnail prints to an A4 sheet of small images for each year.

The Queen's Hats from the 1960s and 1970s

Images of the hats and turbans Queen Elizabeth II wore in the 1960s and 1970s.

Late 1970s College Picture

About 300 women between 18 and 65 and showing female  hairstyles. C 1977.


1980s Hairstyles

A small selection of typical everyday hairstyles from the 1980s.


Calthrop Hairstyles


 Constance Willems Designer Hats

An introduction to designer Constance Willems and her designer knit and felted hats, rain hoods and head wraps in luxury yarns. 18 Mar 2005

Reproduction Costume Hats & Shapers

A look at some hats from Lady Diane Hats and her repro costume hats and an introduction to hatshapers.com modern hat forming blocks. 07 Jan 2005



Wedding and Occasion Hats 2006

The Original Hat Pages you can see some of my original hat and hairstyle quick sketches which capture the costume eras.


Hat and Hair Pictures

Hats and hair styles is a new large section I am developing and will add new line drawings, pictures and fashion plates at some time in the near future. 

 I will also be adding more hat and hair text for both the 19th and 20th centuries. So do check the top of the sitemap often for more hat and hair pages.


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