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Fine Jewellery

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Fine Jewellery

This page covers a range of topics from fine jewellery.  From contemporary jewellery to vintage fashions; from high end couture necklaces and brooches to ethnic earrings.

Anna Tabakhova CliClasp© Jewellery

Anna Tabakhova makes contemporary handcrafted and bespoke versatile jewellery, focusing on unusual stones and associations.


Trends come and go, so if you can afford it opt for serious investment jewellery and that means diamonds and coloured precious stones.


March 2011

Jewellery in History

Adorning the body with jewellery is an ancient custom found in every society. These pages trace the history of fine precious and fake costume jewellery styles used to adorn the body throughout fashion history. 

A brief survey from Roman times, through Sumptuary laws of fashion history, to 80's glitz and glamour.


Van Cleef & Arpels
Couture, Luxury, High Jewellery

There is luxury jewellery, there are numerous couture jewellers, then at the top of the high jewellery tree is Van Cleef & Arpels.

Oct 2008


Jewels of Ocean
Couture, Luxury, High Jewellery

Jewels of Ocean are world leaders in the design and craftsmanship of fine jewellery. 

They strive to create comfort and confidence to wearers of their discreetly elegant jewellery.

Page added 12 Feb 2009

Jewellery - Cuffs & Bracelets 2007/8

Jewellery wardrobing is the new Accessory buzz phrase.

Aug 2007


Swarovski CRYSTALLIZEDTM Fashion Jewellery

Catwalk fashion with crystals, dresses. Images CRYSTALLIZED™ with Swarovski elements. Swarovski history.

Oct 2007

Bespoke Jewellery

A look at the trend for bespoke luxury, custom made one off and one of a kind jewellery.  

Added 10 Sept 2007


Jewellery - Watches 2007/8

As sleeve styles have created new silhouettes, so the hands and wrist have gained new focus in the past few years.

General Fashion Jewellery Trends for 2007

In contrast to dazzle, note how the popularity of rose cut diamonds has risen this year. Oct 2007


Jewellery Accessories

Find out more about the latest trends in women's fashion jewellery.

21 July 2006.


Costume Jewellery Pictures Oct 2004

Pictures of examples of vintage costume jewellery, including crystal and items by Trifari, Schiaparelli, Vendome etc. Colourful examples.


Costume Jewellery Pictures 2 Oct 2004

Pictures of examples of vintage costume jewellery, including sets by Trifari, Matisse, Renoir etc.


Indian Lac Jewellery

6 pages with 5 pages of samples pictures of lac enamel jewellery from Rajasthan. One page detailing how the traditional ethnic wax filled jewellery is made.

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