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Pearls Plus Jewellery From London by Designer Marilyn Jones - 2

By Pauline Weston Thomas for

Trends in Pearl Jewellery


Pearls Please For An Instant Facelift

Pearl necklaces and pearl earrings can lift a woman's complexion and bring light and radiance to the face helping melt away years off a woman whatever her age.  A matching real pearl necklace whether freshwater or cultured, will enhance the skin and lift it so that it glows and glimmers with luminosity.  If you are feeling jaded do yourself a favour and invest in some quality pearls.

Combinations of pearl necklaces and earrings come in and out of fashion with regularity so pearls are a must in any fashion wardrobe.

Click to enlarge the pictures below to see more of Marilyn's pearl jewellery from Pearl Plus. You can see even larger pictures of her pearls if you download our new free sample ebook on jewellery history and trends in jewellery.

You can contact Marilyn directly for quotations and estimates at Marilyn's website at .

These pictures all enlarge. 

You can contact Marilyn directly for quotations and estimates at Marilyn's website at .

A Century of Pearls

Many pearls are now bought from China since trade opened up in the nineties.  The price of pearls has dropped by about a fifth in the past 10 years since the 1990s and the Chinese are making waves in the pearl world with their cheaper prices.  The Japanese have suffered disease in their pearl beds as well as facing competition and are finding it hard to compete with China's prices. 

Until 100 years ago flawless, round, natural, large white pearls were prized more than precious gemstones. The finest of pearls then came from the Persian Gulf and South India.  For everyone but the richest people of a nation, fake pearls were the only alternative as the cost was so high for a string of real pearls.   Fine south sea pearls still command a high price, but the rarity value of real pearls was so great in the early 1900s that an early American skyscraper exchanged hands for the price of a pearl necklace. 

In the 1890s Kokichi Mikimoto of Japan began production of highly desirable cultured pearls by placing a small bead into an oyster shell.  The bead coated itself with nacre (mother of pearl) and so good looking pearl jewels became more affordable.  Similar methods of cultivation are used extensively today in the far east where starter beads of varying shapes are used in mussel shells and other shells and the resultant nacre coated beads become known as freshwater pearls.  Since China opened its doors to the western marketplace the price of freshwater pearls has dropped. Finding a reputable supplier is always a challenge as the fittings used can also make or break the look of a piece.

Now reasonably priced pearls are available to everyone today. Both fake and real freshwater or cultured pearls are very affordable today, especially if you trade with an expert such as Marilyn Jones at her Pearls Plus website.


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