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The History of Caron Perfumes

The History of Caron Perfumes and Fragrance

By Pauline Weston Thomas for


The History of Caron Perfumes and Fragrance

The Caron perfume house celebrated a century of fragrance last year and have continued to represent luxury and tradition throughout a competitive history.  This is brief history of Caron Paris and some of their popular perfumes is sourced directly from Caron public relations department and may be of interest to perfume fans.


The Legend of Caron

The legend of Caron, in typical French fashion, is simply about men, women and that elusive thing called love.

Caron Boutique flacon of perfume.

Internationally recognized for its unique blends of pure essences encased in the most luxurious flacons, Parfums Caron offers 34 perfumes (including 13 exclusive Boutique fragrances) reaching both men and women alike.

The picture below is of the New York boutique perfumery salon devoted to the olfactory experience of Caron perfumes.  At the salon you can select one of 13 boutique perfumes which are sold and dispensed exclusively at the fragrance boutique from the fountain flacons shown in the second picture.


Founded in 1904 by Ernest Daltroff, Parfums Caron has a rich heritage in perfumery and is still considered a true fragrance house, a distinction very few companies hold.  Caron is one of the great Paris houses to still remain entirely devoted to fragrance and one of the last perfume houses to still have an in-house 'nose' (Monsieur Fraysse) - also called a master perfumer.  It is the only perfume house that is perfume led, not fashion led.

Ernest Daltroff founder of Caron Felicie Vanpouille
Ernest Daltroff Felicie Vanpouille

In 1906, Mr Daltroff was joined by Felicie Vanpouille, a former dressmaker, who would mark her imprint on the company with her whimsical and original bottle design dressed with detailed attention, such as grosgrain and gold braiding.

Joined professionally and personally, their collaboration would create scents including Narcisse Noir (1911), Bellodgia (1927) and for men Pour Un Homme (1934).

The Original Caron Perfume Collection

Narcisse Noir Narcisse Noir  (1911)


Bellodgia is a romantic blend of  carnation, rose, jasmine, and lily of the valley.   Bellodgia (1927)

Bellodgia is a romantic blend of  carnation, rose, jasmine, and lily of the valley.  

In 1939, Mr Daltroff fled to America to escape persecution and Felicie officially took over the management of the company until her retirement at the age of 92 in 1962!

World famous Caron perfumes include Fleurs de Rocaille created in 1933 and Fleur de Rocaille recreated in 1993.

The Feminine Essentials Caron Perfume Collection

Caron Fleur de Rocaille left, a romantic scent with tuberose, carnation,jasmine and notes of honey, vanilla and iris.

One famous Caron fragrance is  Fleur de Rocaille left, a romantic scent with tuberose, carnation, jasmine and notes of honey, vanilla and iris.   Pour Une Femme De Caron for Women right has notes of lavender, jasmine, rose, Lily of the valley, carnation, cedar, sandalwood, Tonka and musk.

Pour Une Femme De Caron for Women
Aimez Moi has notes of bergamot, the spices anise, Vanilla and cardamom and the herb mint. With violet, jasmine magnolia, rose, Orris, heliotrope, tolu. Caron introduced Nocturnes de Caron in 1981. Ultra feminine this fragrance is a floriental blend. Lady Caron,  is a modern style floral fragrance.
Aimez Moi  (1996) has notes of bergamot, cardamom, anise, vanilla, mint. With jasmine, violet, magnolia, rose, Orris, heliotrope, tonka bean it is a  modern perfume. Caron introduced Nocturnes de Caron in 1981. On a fragrance base of vanilla, amber and vetiver, it has bergamot, mandarin and lily of the valley top notes, with rose, orris and jasmine as middle notes. Parfum Sacre. Ultra feminine, this fragrance is a floriental blend of spice and florals with jasmine, vanilla coriander and clove. The oriental quality makes it very suitable for evening wear. 1933 brought Lady Caron, a floral fragrance of modern style, with a heart of rose and fruits. It has top notes of absolute jasmine, neroli + magnolia. The base is of sandalwood and oak moss.

In 1998, Mr. Patrick Alès, chairman and owner of Alès Groupe (formerly known as Phyto-Lierac), purchased the venerable house, fulfilling a lifelong dream.  His unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality cosmetics, ranging from hair care to skincare transcends today to fine fragrances.

Two of the most popular Caron fragrances are Royal Bain De Caron Perfume and Muguet Du Bonheur Perfume.

The Feminine Timeless Caron Perfume Collection

Royal Bain De Caron Nuit de Noel is perfect for December days of celebration. Infini is an original Caron aroma of the early 1970s. Muguet Du Bonheur Perfume by Caron
Royal Bain De Caron Perfume by Caron, was introduced in 1941. It is a subtle, feminine yet casual oriental scent best for evening. Nuit de Noel is perfect for December days of celebration. It is floral woody and spicy. Deeply complex, it has a sophisticated chypre note. Infini is an original Caron aroma of 1970. 

It has a base of tuberose, hyacinth and lily of the valley.

Muguet Du Bonheur Perfume by Caron, is a timeless fresh floral scent based on jasmine, rose and Lily of the valley. A great scent for everyday use.

Phyto-Lierac, created in 1969, is publicly traded on the French secondary market and is considered amongst the pioneers and leaders in botanical cosmetics.

Parfums Caron joins the group in the fragrance category and is distributed by Alès Group USA, a fully owned subsidiary.  Alès Group, opened in 1989, has distributed hair care for the past decade.

You can read more about the Caron perfumes sold today and especially more about the 13 boutique fountain perfumes and fragrance for men at parfumscaron.


My thanks to Stacy Gulisano of marketing and promotions at Caron, Alès Group USA for the use of some of the text and all of the images. 

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