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Consumers and C21st Perfume Trends

Perfumes and Fragrance Loyalty

By Pauline Weston Thomas for


Consumers and C21st Perfume Trends

Perfumes and Fragrance Loyalty

Read about general perfume history, some perfumes since 2000 and Caron Perfume History.


Perfume Bandwagon

Perfumes are a 25 billion dollar industry, yet are one of the poorest performing sectors of the cosmetics industry.  The fragrance market is stagnating and is cluttered with new scent products which means there is no longer any brand loyalty.  As many as 300 new brands appear every year.  Consumers jump with speed to the latest new 'designer perfume' product.

They must have the new perfume and can't live without the fragrance when it first arrives on the shelves.  But they soon tire of the perfume and are ever seeking the novelty in an even newer scent.

The older generation, keen to be seen to move with the times, also adopts new fragrances at the cost of old favourites.  This means fragrances often only have a shelf life of 3 years. 

Top Perfume Sales

Launching a new perfume globally can cost as much as $100 million, whilst maintaining the highest profile of a fragrance such as Chanel No.5 also costs money.  The Nicole Kidman advert for Chanel No.5 cost 18 million and is expected to be used for 5 years.

Successful fragrances are worth their weight in gold.

Chanel No.5 sells a new bottle of the scent every 55 seconds and has 6% of the fragrance market share.  This perfume brand just grows in strength.  I'd venture that is because it actually smells like a proper grown up perfume.  So many new perfumes just don't beat it as a super scent.

In Britain, hot on Chanel's heels are the perfumes Jean-Paul Gaultier and Eternity, both with soaring sales and both very popular perfumes, each with a 4% market share.   Anas Anas also has 4% market share, but sales of this fragrance are in decline compared to earlier years.

 Dior J'adore 30 ml gift set (30ml EDP and 50ml body lotion) 29.50 at Debenhams.Other major players with 3% market share include fashion perfumes Angel, Coco Mademoiselle, J'adore (in decline) and Allure.   Pleasure has a 2% market share making the hundreds of other fragrances just bit players in the fragrance market.

Image right is courtesy of Debenhams a perfect gift for any woman.   Dior J'adore 30 ml gift set (30ml EDP and 50ml body lotion) 29.50 at Debenhams.

Perfume Brand Loyalty

Perfume brand loyalty is something the younger generation have not adopted and to attract these customers some fragrance houses have fixated on using celebrities.  Names like Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are used on new scent formulations in an effort to revive sales.  These perfumes often have short term popularity.

Perfumes are often revamped producing a lighter version.  One fragrance that has just had this treatment is the famous perfumes Estee Lauder Youthdew.  Under the casting vote of Tom Ford, this old favourite of many has been given a new look and lighter touch.  You can still smell a hint of the original Youthdew, but it is no longer so overpowering that you know what the scent is hours later.  Yet I think Estee might be horrified at this subdued version.

Others stay true to famous brands like those by the House of Caron which began as a perfume house not as a couture clothes house.

Perfumed at Home

It's not just bodies that we like to perfume, but aromatherapy scents used either on the body or indirectly around the home is also big business in the fragrance world.


Scented candles, perfumes for interiors and linens have become a huge home fashion market associated with lifestyle moods and fragrant environments with a feel good factor.  It is driven by consumers who want to cocoon at home whilst experiencing relaxation and mood enhancement.

Some of the best perfumed candles you can buy include those by Dyptique, Tocca, Jo Malone, Liz Earle, L'Occitane and Molton Browne. 

I have to say the nicest perfumed candles I have tried are Guerlain's Shalimar candle and Jo Malone's Amber and Sweet Orange candle.  Real luxury and a heady experience in both cases.

2007 Update - Read more about exclusive perfumes here, The Body Shop invent your scent and fashion trends.

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