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Pauline's 'How to' Recipes

I have recipes for Christmas cakes and Christmas pudding.  The Christmas fruitcake cake recipe and sugarcraft modelling dough recipe was used for the birthday cake above as well. There are also instructions on how to make chocolate Brownie cakes.  My easy store cupboard Christmas pudding is easy to oven steam. Other pages feature Gingerbread house recipe and instructions to create dough craft.  Scroll down this page to learn more about Pauline's recipes.

Chocolate Brownie Cake Recipe

Pauline's chocolate Brownie Cake recipe makes a soft, dense, moist and delicious gooey Brownie. The interior is soft and dense and the top gently crusted.  If you have eggs, butter, flour, sugar and a 200gm bar of dark chocolate such as Bournville or Green and Black's, you could be eating brownies an hour from now.

   Gingerbread House

How to make a traditional German style Gingerbread House.  Picture showing stages of Gingerbread House recipe.

Toffee Recipes

 Toffee Butterwelsh, Caramel Fudge Toffee and Ginger Truffle recipes.  Christmas recipes which follow the theme of A Child's Christmas in Wales.

Christmas Cake Recipe

Pauline's traditional British Christmas recipe for rich fruit cake.  One of the best food things.

This is a fruit cake recipe that can be used as special celebration cake or as a cut and come again family fruitcake.

Christmas Salt Dough Craft Recipe

Pauline's Christmas salt dough craft recipe.  Templates for tree and holly.  How to use modelling bread dough craft, hints and tips.

Painting Salt Dough

Stages showing painting the salt dough craft pieces. Hints and tips.


Marzipan Fruits

The Victorians loved Marzipan fruits piled high on fancy tea stands.  Recreate them this Xmas with marzipan and modern sugar colouring powders.

Make your own Victorian or Edwardian style Christmas with these food things that will soon become the food treat to make every Christmas for children and adults alike.

Sugar Modelling Paste

A great microwave recipe to make sugar modelling paste for stable flower petals and models.  Ideal for Christmas roses, holly and ivy leaves or firm figures such as snowmen, Santa, choir boys, sleighs, angels, candles, lanterns, robins, animals, rooftops, chimneys, Xmas trees, plaques and cut out stars. This recipe was used to model the ivy and rose flowers in the header on this page.

Mince Pies Recipe

Christmas recipe for melt in the mouth Almond Shortcrust Pastry, adapting commercial bought mincemeat into luxury mincemeat.



Mrs Beeton's Christmas Plum Pudding

Christmas recipe for Plum Pudding  from an original edition of Mrs. Beeton.  Lovely 1890s colour food plate picture including a great picture of a moulded plum pudding with holly and berries.   This page has several different pudding recipes from Mrs Beeton's book.


Pauline's Traditional Christmas Pudding for Gifts

Great 'how to' instructions for making 6 pints of the best traditional Christmas pudding mix. This can be and divided into different sized Xmas puddings for gifts. Ideal for beginners or those who make luxury Xmas food things as gifts.  My friends love these Christmas pudding gifts.

Easy Store Cupboard Christmas Pudding 

Single Christmas pudding recipe which is easy cooking and made from ingredients already in your store cupboard. Alternative oven steaming cooking method - easy cooking. Can be a non alcoholic Xmas pudding. 
How to flame with a ladle.



1920's Mrs Beeton's Table

10 Gorgeous colour food plates from a 1920s Mrs Beeton showing full colour plates from starters to game birds to desserts.


1923 Mrs Beeton's 10 Napkin Folds

Stages in how to fold napkins for table napery.  Ideal for special celebration dining occasions such as  Year's Eve.


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