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Royal Clothes

Ceremonial Robes and Gowns

By Pauline Weston Thomas for


The Queen's Robes

The Queen's Wedding Dress - Part 1

Norman Hartnell designs for a princess.

Queen Elizabeth II's wedding dress. Politically correct silkworms from Lullingstone Castle. Wedding Dress.

An interview with the Keeper of the Robes, at the London Museum. Silver and Golden Jubilee exhibitions about Royalty.

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Queen's Coronation Dress

The Queen's Robes - Part 2

The symbolism behind the emblematic Hartnell embroidery on Queen Elizabeth II 's Coronation Gown. Ceremonial velvet crimson and purple robes and the colobium sindonis gown. 

The preparations for Coronation day on June 2nd 1953. Pictures of Maids of Honour and Royal party. 

The Queen's Clothes 1960s -1970s

Day dress for Her Majesty's The Queen's visits in the 1960s and 1970s.


The Queen's Hats from the 1960s and 1970s

Images of the hats and turbans Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II wore in the 1960s and 1970s.


Queen & Commonwealth: The Royal Tour

Royal Fashion Fit For a Queen. A Selection of 28 of The Queen's Dresses from her Working Wardrobe.

 A Special Exhibition of The Queens clothes at the Summer Opening of Buckingham Palace 26 July 30 September 2009.

80 Historical Facts Queen Elizabeth II

80 Fascinating history facts about Queen Elizabeth II from Monarchy Media.  These historical facts are ideal for quizzes.

The Queen's Doll Collection

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has an extensive collection of Dolls collected through her lifetime.

Read more about them here and the exhibition at Frogmore House.

The Queen Mother's Clothes

How the Queen Mother developed her own personal dress style when she became Queen in the 1930s.

Norman Hartnell designs.  Royal wedding dress.

Princess Anne in 1973

A young and stunning princess. Images of HRH Princess Anne and her ethereal beauty.

Fashion-era Forums

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The Queen's Clothes Exhibition

Comment on the emblematic nature of the gowns in a fashion history exhibition at Buckingham Palace. 2006 - Archive text/images only. Exhibition complete.



Jubilee Colouring In Picture

Outline Sketch of Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation Dress

A free sketch suitable for children for colouring in at school, nursery or street party for the Coronation Jubilee celebrations.

Simple click, download and print off to A4 size.

(Copyright © 1977 -2006. Can be printed in multiples for school, nursery or non profit street parties, but may not be used as part of a CD or electronic device for sale purposes.)



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