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Fashion-era contains over 890 content rich, illustrated pages of Fashion History, Costume History, Clothing, Textile and Social History.  In addition, there are Fashion Design and Fashion Craft pages, plus some feature pages such as Christmas and Royalty. The 890 pages are all listed below.
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Latest Women's Winter Fashion 2012/13

Latest Women's Summer Fashion 2012

Latest Women's Winter Fashion 2011/12

Women's Colour Fashion Trends Review 2011-2012

Latest Fashion Trends Summer 2011

Latest Fashion Trends For Fall 2010

Latest Fashion Trends For Summer 2010

Added Spring 2010

Latest Fashion Trends For Autumn 2009 Winter 2010  Aug 2009

Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2009

Fashion Trends Autumn 2008 Winter 2009

Spring Summer 2008 Fashion Trends

Fall Winter 2007/8 Fashion Trends

Jewellery Trends After 2007

Added Dec 2007  - More Christmas below

Fashion Trends Spring 2007 Summer 2007


NEW English Costume History Home
Male and Female Costume






Calthrop Hair & Headdress Images


MORE 2008 Additions

Indian Vibrant Fashion Week 2010

Colourful Photos of saris, lehengas etc.

Dating More Old Wedding Photos

Seasonal Cooking - 12 Recipes

Fashion History Pages June 2009

Latest New Costume Silhouettes 1940-1950  (2009)

Ancient Egyptians Costume History Home

Ancient Greeks and Romans Costume History


Added Nov 2007



Latest Fashion Designing Galleries - April 2008


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July 2006

Fashion Trends Autumn 2006 Winter 2007

July 2006

Fashion Trends Autumn 2006 Winter 2007

Added October 2006

Weddings in Costume History

Weddings from 1900-1949

Weddings After 1950

Added 24 July 2006

Children's Costume (Girls)

Wardrobe/Image Planning Pages

Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2006

Added 21 Jan 2006

Trends Autumn/Winter 2005/6

Added 9 Aug 2005

Extra Fashion Templates

Fashion History Quizzes 1750-2000

Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2005

Links Useful for Dating Vintage Clothing and Genealogy in Costume History

Vintage Section at  

18 Pages Defining Vintage for Buying & Selling

How to Date Old Family Photographs

 C20th Costume History Silhouette Drawings Timeline 1900-1940

14 Pages Costume Drawings as listed below


Hair and Hats


Black & Outline Costume Silhouettes/Stencils/Images

Fashion Plates Images Added 8 Oct 2005

Costume History Section


For Major Sections on

Costume History and Fashion History 1750-2006

Fashion Designing

Fashion Drawing Tips and Design Tutorials


Fashion Galleries


Pattern Drafting A Skirt Block

Stage By Stage Instructions for your Skirt Draft

Skirt Adaptations to Follow 

Image and Wardrobe Planning  (2002)

  Wardrobe/Image Planning Pages Nov 2005

Major Sections on Costume History and Fashion History 1750-2005

What Is Fashion

Couture Fashion History 

Body Adornment  
Fashion History and Social History of Beauty, Make-up Perfume, Estate and Fashion Jewellery

 Body Adornment  

C18th & C19th Costume History

Undergarments History
Costume History, Fashion History and Social History of Underwear and Lingerie.

Early Corsetry Fashion History

1800-1845   Costume History, Fashion History and Social History to the early Victorian era.

C19th & C20th Fashion History

Victorian Era Costume History, Fashion History and Social History

1890-1914 - La Belle Epoque   Costume History, Fashion History and Social History for the Edwardians.



1914 -1955   Costume History, Fashion History and Social History to the Fifties.


  • 1940s


    Royal Fashion History




    1960 - 1980 Fashions  Fashion History and Social History 1960s and 1970s.

    Extra  1960s


    Fashion after 1980   Fashion History and Social History 1980-2000


    1990s to Early Millennium

    Fashion Trends Fall 2004/05 


    Costume Films Section

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    Visitor Pages Added 8 Dec 2004 Seasonal Crafts Lifestyle Christmas SPECIAL

    Seasonal Section

    Christmas Cooking

    The Calendar Year 

    Crafts in Fashion


    Focus on Artisans of India

    Wedding and Bridal

    It is best for you to ask your questions in forums as I have no time to reply to so many requests for costume help.


    7 pages describing my experience of occult primary head and neck cancer, having an MRI body scan and mask made, with emphasis on radiotherapy as a treatment.  Early weeks of radiotherapy - Pages 3 and 4

    Pictures of radiotherapy burns from severe to healed   Page 5

    A page about slow taste recovery  Page 6

    Nov 2005 - 3 years after radiotherapy. Page 7

    Please note there is nothing about fashion in this personal diary section. I hope it gives others in a similar position an insight into what to expect as I was unable to find much web info on this at the time in 2002.

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