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Fur designers fall 2006

Fur Fashion Trends
Couture Catwalk
Autumn 2006 Winter 2007


Fur Fashion Trends Autumn 2006 Winter 2007


Reprinted International Fur Press Report News for Women Autumn Winter 2006/7


A vital new dynamic infuses the Couture collections for Autumn/Winter 2006-2007

Fall 2006 fur fashionThe masters of Couture approached their Autumn/Winter 2006-2007 collections with a sense of modern style that firmly connects Couture's luxury and craftsmanship with the 21st century.

As a result, Couture has never been more relevant, imbued with a fresh vitality for the ever-younger coterie of celebrity customers who attend the shows. Hobeika - Fall 2006 fur fashion

The presence of young stars in the front row generates more than just publicity for the designers; the styles worn by celebrities are now a major factor in influencing the public's sartorial choices. The repercussions of Mischa Barton attending Galliano are hard to track, but her field of influence over the direction of fashion is indisputable. 

Read about the meaning of couture here.

Christian Lacroix  Couture Fall 2006 Fur Fashion
Autumn/Winter 2006-2007, Couturiers have redefined the major story of the ready-to-wear shape by further simplifying it, giving it a more youthful silhouette, and using imaginative craftsmanship and luxurious materials.

And for observers of fur fashion trends, the autumn 2006 range was all about simplicity of shape and clever juxtaposition with contrasting fabrics, textures and metallics.

Lacroix Couture Fall 2006 Fur FashionModernism's simplified presence on the Couture catwalks was evident in Christian Lacroix's remarkable collection, which the designer described as "quintessential couture" and "freedom without extravagance".Lacroix Couture Fall 2006 Fur Fashion

All images this page courtesy of IFTF.

Lacroix imparted bell-shaped perfect fit to a burgundy velvet coat with a sable fur collar and fox trim, as well as to a richly embellished grey-and-black velvet mini coat with full sleeves of finn raccoon.

Taking modernism to the extreme, designers mixed fur and fabric in sculptural silhouettes with subtle details.

At Givenchy, Ricardo Tisci's autumn 2006 range included an almost egg-shaped fox coat with metallic insets, and an extraordinary round-shouldered collarless coat that combined sheared and longhair mink fur in horizontal bands. Couture Fall 2006 Fur Fashion Armani Prive

In its second couture collection, Armani Privé used sculpted sheared-and-grooved mink in a cutaway maxi coat, which masterfully accented the luxurious, clean lines of the collection. Couture Fall 2006 Fur Fashion - Chanel

Attention to precise cutting was a key Couture trend, modern medieval, seen at both Jean Paul Gaultier and Chanel.

At Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld melded the medieval and the modern in a short-skirted suit, embellished with pearl beading and trimmed with sable fur, balanced by edgy denim thigh-high boots.   All thumbnails above enlarge.

Gaultier  Hobeika Couture Fall 2006 Fur Fashion
Gaultier's full-skirted and bell-sleeved silver fox maxi coat, cinched in the back with a leather corselet, was an exercise in both craft and cut.

In his autumn 2006 range, Gaultier went to great lengths for a modern-day Maid Marian, creating a long, shoulder-less, russet velvet dress, flung with wraparound red fox fur.

Silver Couture Fur Fashion Fall 2006 - Lacroix

Christian Lacroix uncharacteristically used simplicity as the golden rule for his textural silver-metallic trapeze coat trimmed with a bold, shoulder-defining fox fur collar and decorative metallic-beading accents. Hobeika gave gold lace a modern turn in a bell-shaped dress with geometric-cut sheared-mink fur trim


Hobeika gave gold lace a modern turn in a bell-shaped dress with geometric-cut sheared-mink fur trim.


Read about the meaning of couture here.



Valentino Gold JacketValentino's evening jacket, lavished with gold lace, trimmed with sable fur and paired with a full skirt, served as an elegant underscoring of the season's contemporary shape.Valentino Gold Jacket and Embellished Skirt


Paris Couture for Autumn/Winter 2006-2007 reinforced the significance of the collections to all fashion and the influence of the Couture shows will spread as ripples in a pond.

The fur fashion trend came to a head as the designer linked luxury, craftsmanship and modern sensibilities for the 21st century in general and the autumn 2006 range in particular.

All fur fashion images on this page are courtesy of IFTF.  My thanks to Fran Harrow of IFTF

(Page Date 27 July 2006)

Read about the meaning of couture here. 


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