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Ladies fashion Shoes Autumn 2006, Boots and Ballerina Flats Trends 2007

Fashion Trends 2007
Autumn 2006 Winter 2007
Women's Shoes and Hosiery

By Pauline Weston Thomas for


Women's Fashion Shoes, Boots and Hosiery Autumn 2006 Winter 2007


Ladies Fashion Shoes

A new fashion look in footwear includes stylish cone heels.  Ladies fashion shoes have wooden heels, leopard print or use reptilian look materials.  Animal print material footwear from BodenSome are flat comfy shoes like ballerina shoes. Others steal ideas from the shipyard and use rope to make both bags and footwear.  Shoes are also trimmed with luxury furs. Velvet wedges from Boden

Look out for T-bar shoes, ankle strap shoes and designer boots in Lurex python skins.

These velvet wedges to the left from Boden have a real party look for them, making them perfect as an Autumn Winter ladies fashion shoe.

Images from the autumn 2006 range of ladies fashion shoes courtesy of Boden UK.

Boden velvet range of ballerina flat pumps.

Ballerina Flats

Ballerina flats with round toes in all types of materials including animal, gold, metallics and velvets are winter winners.  These ladies fashion shoes on the right are a velvet range by Boden.

Animal Print Shoes

Animal prints abound in fashion accessories.  These zebra print ballerina flats just below right are from online site They come in a range of colours including the red red zebra flats in Audrey style.

The ballerina flats are made in several animal prints of varying scales and impressed leathers as well as golden tones.  Many more gold ballerina flats are featured on the gold accessory page.Zebra print pumps from

Some of the styles at pretty ballerinas are delightful.  I especially like these animal print ballerina shoes with gold bows and these red rose suede ballerina shoes.  In fact I might order a pair of either quite soon!  They look perfect for Christmas too and what great gifts they would make, they really are so very pretty.

Audrey leopard suede animal print ballerina shoes with gold bows from  Marilyn red suede flower ballerina shoes from

Matalan red shoes.14Maybe you prefer really high footwear. If so, the glamour of red high heeled shoes will easily liven up a plain black dress.Matalan dark red patent look shoes with high cone heel 12Or treat yourself to some Christian Louboutin shoes which have the trademark red soles.

These low cut Mary Jane red and dark red patent shoes right are from Matalan and are a bargain price.  The shiny patent look is new fad gaining momentum.  Look out for cone heels like those on the darker red shoes.  Cone heels vary in height so there is a style for every ladies fashion shoe.Leather tongue buckle ballerina shoes from Accessorize 35 54

The pretty flat red tongue buckle ballerina shoes from Accessorize left, offer a modern alternative to be worn with shorter clothes, 35/54. 

You can easily imagine skipping around town wearing these easy flats and shopping until you drop. You are reading an original fashion trends article written by Pauline Weston Thomas© at ©

Women's Fashion Boots

Ankle boots with bow trim from PrinciplesThis winter my preference though is for laced up shoes or bootie shoes like these wonderful feminine ankle boots left from Principles.  The laced up shoes are by River Island.

The laced up fashion shoes on the right are by River Island.

Boots by PrinciplesIf you area traditionalist when it comes to women's fashion boots, then these heeled suede tan boots may carry you through the winter.

They will tone well with all those gold clothes you add to your wardrobe. Tan suede boots like these from Principles right, also look great with denim.

Many women's fashion boots have extra straps which have either biker or equestrian associations.  

These practical and affordable styles of fashion boots below are all from Benetton.  With the hottest look once again being Equestrian riding touches in boots.

 Benetton slouch ankle fashion bootsLeather fashion boots from Benetton

Fur Fashion Boots

D&G fur boots.Benetton boots with fur.These white fur fashion boots to the left are from Dolce and Gabbana and are part of their layered looks.  While, the green boots on the right, are the Benetton version of these fashionable fur boots.  Don't they just look warm, comfortable and fun to wear.



By wearing ribbed tights or dark colours like plum, bottle green, black, grey, brown, violet it's possible to show lots of leg in tights.  If these are too dull for you consider figured, lace or motif tights such as these by NEXT DIRECTORY UK.

Tights by NEXT Directory UK.


Contemporary looks this fall are easily achieved by the addition of opaque tights.  Wolford are known leaders of some of the best fashion tights that will last and not look mangled easily with wear.  Choose sheer pantyhose more carefully so that it is sheer rather than old lady looking. You can find a great selection of tights at

Even argyle pattern knee socks were given an airing at fashion shows.


No-shows are marketing man's answer to capture lost sales of tights in summer.  These fashion accessories are also useful too.  They consist of foot tubes or cases that cover just the toes, foot sole and heels or are simply no more than a foot band, a toe band or an ankle band.  This image is courtesy of NEXT UK where you can buy these no-shows online.  Briefer versions exist from other manufacturers.

 No-shows the latest way to keep comfortable without tights.

In the past we might have thought them a variation of trouser socks, but they are not true socks as they don't even totally cover the foot.  The intention is that there is no show. The reason that some women still wear tights in summer, even on hot days, is to protect their feet with a fine layer between shoe and foot.  Many have thought the heat discomfort worth it to not have raw rubbed feet.

These no-show items are meant to be worn with sandals and other summer footwear to prevent chafing and blisters in hot weather.  No-shows are the new answer to uncomfortably hot tights.  Pantyhose manufacturers are clapping their hands at the development of this new product ever since the no-show concept was created in 2001.  Please don't confuse no-shows with stocking fabric trouser socks to the knee.  The no-shows are a slip-on and on occasion, a little like complimentary airplane slippers you may have been given on long flights, or perhaps similar to a brief and simple tennis wrist sweat band.  Note that Michael Kors will be releasing no-shows this autumn. You are reading an original fashion trends article written by Pauline Weston Thomas© at ©

Read more about gold footwear on the gold accessory page.  Read more about handbags on the accessories page.  See jewellery trends on the jewellery trends page.

Images courtesy of IFTF, NEXT UK, Boden, Benetton, Principles, Accessorize, River Island and

(Page Date 11 July 2006)

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