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This section looks at the new Spring 2007 Fashion Trends. 

Feeling out of date?
Then update buy new shoes, get the newest haircut, plus the handbag that pays homage to current 'it' bag looks. Those three changes will update last year's look with minimal effort.
 Armed with the our reports on the latest fashion trend, you can make wiser decisions as you shop for your wardrobe.

Fashion Trend Looks
For Spring 2007

The spring 2007 fashion trends are all about 'dresses'. There is a fashion transition happening at the moment with romance in dress, versus futurism in dress. 

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Fashion Trend Wardrobe Planning Tips for 2007

General tips for image changes to your wardrobe for new spring 2007 fashion trends

8 February 2007

N.B. Latest Fashion Wardrobe for Autumn 2012

Ladies Shoe Fashion
for Spring 2007

In the spring of 2007, Jewelled shoes are consistent with the fashion trend towards space age dresses that have embedded jewel effect necklines, sleeve bands and skirt borders.

  1st February 2007

Fashion Colour Trend  Spring 2007

A look at the main new fashion trend colours for Spring 2007

15 February 2007

Colour Mood Boards for Spring 2007

A look at the main fashion trend colours presented as mood boards for Spring 2007.

17 February 2007

Fashion Fabric Trends 2007

The textiles trend is toward shiny sumptuous fabrics that gleam with dusted sheen.

19 February 2007

Handbag Inflation - Luxury Bags

Luxury handbags and rising prices in already expensive 'it' bags. Designer handbag inflation.  Zagliani silicone treated python skin bags. Dior Jeanne bag.

Women's Handbags for Spring 2007

All the fashion trends in bag qualities to look out for when buying your new spring 2007 handbag.

Luxury Sporty Fashion

Luxury Sporty Fashion uses luxury fabrics like satins and metallics materials to create luxe sports influenced fashion garments.  Silver Metallic Parkas.

Perfume Trends 2007
Body Shop - 'Invent a Scent'

Tom Ford has have developed his own select niche perfumes.  With 'Invent Your Scent' Eau de Toilette fragrances you are your own perfumier.

Exclusive Niche Perfumes and Luxury Fragrances

Chanel have launched a small group of ten exclusive fragrances that use rare ingredients.

Grey Clothes in Fashion

Grey clothes are the more sober side of fall fashion. Mannish and slouchy fashion looks ideal for the working girl.


Accessories Spring 2007

Everywhere there is a huge demand for accessories. The fact the accessory market is so healthy means designers can actually be creative with their designing.

Coach and Sam Bags

What many women want is a bag they think is a quality handbag, is tuned to current fashion trends, and is one they consider affordable.

Uber Luxury

Greater prosperity heralds a new era of understated chic and über luxury. In a choice saturated market, where the exotic is now ordinary, those choices are being perceived as having become too commonly available.

The Magic Slimming Dress

A consumer review of the Magic slimming dress from Marks and Spencer.  See the magic items including a classic red and little black dress.

19 August 2006

Nights in Gold Satin

A look at all the gold tones in fashion this coming winter 2007.

A Gold Accessory

Jewellery and bags.



Materials, Fashion Fabrics, Prints, Fur & Knits

The latest fashion trends in fabrics, textures, prints and knits.  16 July 2006.

Young Party Wear

Party clothing for young women.

Gold brocade and silver looks. Velvets and bubble skirts.

25 August 2006


Fashion Trends in Couture Fur

Press report and couture fashion images from the catwalk of top designers.

23 July 2006.

Women's Handbags

Find out more about new women's fashion trends in accessories. A look at fashion handbags for Autumn 2006.

27 July 2006.

Jewellery Accessories

Find out more about the latest trends in women's fashion jewellery.

21 July 2006.

Women's Fashion Shoes, Boots, Flats, Hosiery

Find out more about the latest trends in women's fashion shoes, boots, no-shows and hosiery.

10 August 2006

Sleeve and Shoulder Fashion Trends 2000-10

Explanation of the reasons behind the changes in sleeve and shoulder fashion in the noughties. These changes are interesting and important as they provide elements of the iconic silhouette for this era.

Purple Clothes

Latest fashion trend in purple clothes and accessories in fashion for autumn 2006 winter 2007.

16 August 2006


Appropriate Office Party Dress

22 August 2006

IQONS Online Community

Press Release

Lady in a Red Dress

Red dress in fashion for autumn 2006 winter 2007.

Scroll page for archive fashion trends

10 August 2006

Checks and Plaids in Fashion

Young fashion clothing using plaid, check and monochrome schemes.

27 August 2006


Consumer Mood - 'Must Haves' and 'Want It' Autumn Winter 2006/7

A look at how the concept of 'must have' and 'want it' is driving consumer fashion.
11 July 2006

Dolce and Gabbana

Press Report Reprint and new fashion trend images from D&G designers

11 July 2006

Long Party Dresses

Long evening party, full length ball dresses and prom dress choices for Christmas

22 August 2006

Short Party Dresses

Short party dresses and prom dress choices for Christmas

20 August 2006

Trends in Ladies Hats Autumn 2006

All styles of hats for the coming winter season

12 August 2006

Image Planning for Petites

Petite Woman Fashion Looks. A look at the problems of shopping when you are a petite woman.

How to alter a shoulder which is too wide.

Petites Women Fashion Looks

Petite Woman Fashion Looks. A look at petite clothing fashions from Petite Affair and Principles


New Fashion Trends from Top Designers in Fur

Designer Furs on the catwalk. Autumn 2006 catwalk trends.

11 July 2006

Women's Winter Coats

Trends in women's winter coats 2006/7.


4 September 2006



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