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Latest Fashion Trends For
Spring and Summer 2008

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This section looks at the new fashion trends for spring and summer 2008.

These pages show the key trends in colours, 'looks' and fashion fabrics.  In addition we have pages for the latest trends in fashion accessories and designer looks.  If you follow our latest fashion trend reports, you can better plan your wardrobe and accessories.

Key Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2008

All the top twenty key trends for the new season of spring 2008, summer 2008. A look at painterly and tribal prints, Ombre dip dye, floral pattern and print.  The top change in silhouette and new volume in skirts, dresses.  The jumpsuit and safari looks.

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Wardrobe Planning Tips for Spring 2008

FIRSTLY - Get a modern clutch or box clutch handbag.

SECONDLY - Add more skirt volume 

N.B. Latest Fashion Wardrobe for Autumn 2012

Fashion Colour Trends for Spring & Summer 2008

A look at the dominant colour trends for 2008.

In 2008, new colours for spring are bright and clear. Yellow, blues, purple, orchid pink all feature strongly.

Accessories - Footwear, Wedge Shoes and Sandals Spring Summer 2008

26 pictures of high street shoe styles including colourful wedges, ankle strap shoes, Mary Janes and Gladiator sandals.

Add 28 February 2008

Gladiator Sandals, High Heel Sandals, Shoes and Boots Summer 2008

30 Styles of Gladiator influenced sandals and shoe boots.

Add 28 February 2008

Accessories - Handbag and Clutch Bag Trends Spring Summer 2008

Silhouette shapes for bags, texture and colour.  Added 26 Feb 2008

Tribal Fashion Trends Summer 2008

Tribal fashion trends within summer fashion 2008. A look at prints, pattern, colours and dresses. Tribal styling in accessories and jewellery.

March 2008

Colour Trends Mood Boards Spring Summer 2008

Eight colour story boards that highlight the colour mood of Spring Summer 2008.

Feb 2008

Floral Print Dresses - Fashion Trends Summer 2008

The latest flower print fashions in day dress, prom dresses and maxi dresses. Plus Oasis 'Floral Frocks' a beautiful collection of four exclusive dresses based on original vintage prints from the mid C20th

March 2008

Key Fashion Trends for the Autumn Winter 2007/8 season

The key trend for Autumn Winter 2007/8 is fashions with a sophisticated touch of glamour.

Page added 28 July 2007


Wardrobe Planning Tips for Fashion Trends of Autumn Winter 2007/8

General tips for image changes to your wardrobe for new fashion trends Autumn 2007 and Winter 2008

22 August 2007

Nautical Fashions - Navy, Red, White Striped Trends Summer 2008

The nautical fashion look for summer 2008. The navy blazer, nautical accessories, striped t-shirts. Striped shoes, bikini and swimsuit.

Fashion Colour Trend  Autumn 2007

A look at the new fashion trend colour palette for Autumn 2007 and Winter 2008.   
01 Aug 2007


Jewellery - Cuffs & Bracelets 2007/8

Jewellery wardrobing is the new Accessory buzz phrase.

Aug 2007 

Accessories - Frame Handbag, Clutch, Bag Trends

Think about buying a proper frame handbag or clutch bag.

 Sept 2007

Fashion Colour Mood Boards Autumn Winter 2007/8

A look at the main fashion trend colours presented as mood boards for Autumn 2007 and Winter 2008.

Added July 2007


Bespoke Jewellery

A look at the trend for bespoke luxury, custom made one off and one of a kind jewellery.  

Added 10 Sept 2007

Coat Fashion Trends for Autumn 2007 Winter 2008

Check out the key shapes and styles of coats for autumn 2007.

Page added 28 July 2007


Miss Selfridge Casual Clothing Fashions for Teens for Day Autumn/Winter 2007/8

Added 10 Oct 2007

Miss Selfridge Party Fashions for Teens for Autumn/Winter 2007/8

This page illustrates teen party dresses from the various collections seen at Miss Selfridge this autumn winter 2007/8.

General Fashion Jewellery Trends for 2007

In contrast to dazzle, note how the popularity of rose cut diamonds has risen this year. Oct 2007

Teen Trends from Topshop - Party Clothes

Added 9 October 2007


Grey Coats & Trouser Fashion Trends for Fall 2007 & Winter 2008

Style in Grey Coats & Pants
There are plenty of neutral and grey clothes in store this autumn 2007. They make a striking contrast to the brighter colours such as hot pink and electric blue.

Oct 2007

Belts, Shoes, Headwear Fashion Accessories

Belts are now back on the waistline, and these belts here, feature a mixed selection of buckles and clasps.

Added 6 Oct 2007


Oasis Catwalk Fashion Photos AW 2007

Daywear is given an ultra modern puritanical make over with simple shapes and minimal styling whilst eveningwear is knee deep in eighties pop culture.

Added 10 Oct 2007

Gold Brocade Damask Fabric and Jewel Clothes  2007

Metallic or jewelled texture is one of the most prominent trends in every form of fashion wear. Rich gold damask brocades have added value with extra bead, sequin and jewel encrusted fabrics.

Silver Sequin Glitz Fashion

Spangles, sequins, pailettes, call them what you will, sequins are big news this autumn.

Oct 2007

Jewellery - Watches 2007/8

As sleeve styles have created new silhouettes, so the hands and wrist have gained new focus in the past few years.


Purple Fashion

One of the strongest clothing colourations this season belongs to the purple family.

Dorothy Perkins Autumn Winter 2007/8 Fashion Clothes

Added 9 Oct 2007

Sleeve and Shoulder Fashion Trends 2000-10

Explanation of the reasons behind the changes in sleeve and shoulder fashion in the noughties. These changes are interesting and important as they provide elements of the iconic silhouette for this era.

Swarovski CRYSTALLIZEDTM Fashion Jewellery

Catwalk fashion with crystals, dresses. Images CRYSTALLIZED™ with Swarovski elements. Swarovski history.  Oct 2007 

Techellery - Wearable Technology Accessory

Smart technology based accessories.  What made me coin the word techellery was when Levi Strauss launched of Redwired DLX jeans, which integrated iPod plug and play technology.  26 August 2007

Teen Halter Top Dress Trends  AW2007

A look at current halter fashions for younger women and based on the embellished yoke.  Oct 2007


The Celebrity Branded Accessory - Jewellery

Famous celebrities make their mark as fashion early adopters. Whatever Miss Celebrity has, then women want to incorporate into their own fashion persona.

Added 10 Oct 2007


Fashion-era Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2007 Index


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