Latest Fashion Looks for Summer 2010

Latest Fashion Looks For
Summer 2010

By Pauline Weston Thomas for

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This section describes the new fashion looks for Summer 2010.

These pages show the latest women's fashion trends in colours, 'looks', and silhouette trends.  In addition we have pages for fashion accessories and 'Mad Men' dresses.  If you follow our latest fashion trend reports, then you can better plan your wardrobe and accessories. 

Latest Fashion Trends for Winter 2012

The Key Fashion Trends Summer 2010

Key Fashion Looks - The new pretty woman.  Latest silhouette fashion.

Fashion Colour Trends For 2010

The most important fashion colour contenders for 2010 are vibrant turquoise, inky sapphire through cobalt and cornflower blue. Orange coral is on the rise.

Mad Men Fashion

In 2010 the Mad Men T.V. series is at the height of its popularity, consequently its leading ladies have become fashion icons. The actresses have inspired women to regain that feminine look of the early 1960s.

Wedding Colour Schemes

Thanks to Pantone Colour Palettes, wedding planning companies like Confetti in UK make it easier for brides by producing table and favour wedding colour schemes that coordinate.

Pantone Colours for 2010

Wardrobe Tips Fashion Trends of Autumn Winter 2009-10

A full review of your top to toe fashion trend needs for Autumn 2009. Military fashion, boyfriend jackets. Knitwear layering. Gilets, fur chubby jackets, animal looks, berry colours, dresses and leather jackets. Other micro trends.

Underwear as Outerwear

Body contours are created with applied tapes and lace.  Such lingerie fashion styles are relaxed, cool and comfortable to wear.

Festival Maxi Dresses

In fashion history terms, a woman's maxi dress is once again an acceptable day-wear.

Maxi Dress Fashion Trends 2010

In simple terms, a maxi is an ordinary dress, but made to about ankle length.  A 2010 maxi dress should not be confused with a formal long gown.

Sequin Dress Fashion Trends Autumn Winter 2009-10

Sequin party dresses, strapless sequin dresses, sequin tunics all perfect for the festive season or office do. Sequin and beaded jackets or boyfriend blazers. Coloured sequin dresses.


Purple Shoe Trends 2009-10

Purple, plum, violet and damson colour trends in fashion shoes, boots, platform and evening shoes.

Purple Dress Trends AW09/10

Purple, violet, mauve, lilac, plum and damson colour trends in fashion dresses, prom dresses and tops. Purple colour fashion history.

Purple Bag Trends 2009-10

Purple, plum, puce and damson colour trends in fashion handbags and clutch bags.

Sleeve and Shoulder Fashion Trends 2000-10

Explanation of the reasons behind the changes in sleeve and shoulder fashion in the noughties. These changes are interesting and important as they provide elements of the iconic silhouette for this era.

Plus Size Maxi Dresses & Maternity Fashion

The Halter Neck Maxi Dress

This page has a range of halter neckline and cutaway armhole styles for you to consider.


Women's Military Coat - Autumn 2009 Winter 2010

Women's military coats illustrate a true fashion trend of the first decade of the new millennium.



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