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Summer 2012

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Here is my review of the latest trends in women's fashion for summer 2012

These pages discuss the key women's fashion trends in terms of colours, 'looks' and especially, dress styles.  My mission is to help you plan and restock your own wardrobe. Header Image - Marks & Spencer Spring Summer 2012.

Key Women's Styles for Spring Summer 2012

Here are the key women's fashion looks for the summer of 2012.  This article describes in detail the main styles in dresses, footwear, bags, jewellery and other women's fashion accessories.

Colour Clash - Women's Fashion Colours for 2012

This is a review of colour blocking and colour clashing of orange/coral with aquamarine tones.  See the trends in women's colours for the summer season of 2012. 

Blue Women's Fashion 2012

Pretty pastels may be important this season, but so is vivid cobalt blue.


This review explains the importance of blue as a top fashion colour for spring and summer 2012.

Aquamarine & Mint Green Colour Fashion Trends 2012

This is an account of the importance of aquamarine and mint green as two of the hottest colours for 2012.  Pretty Pastels may be important this season, but so is mint green.

Nude Shoes & Nude Dresses

Pastels are the prettiest of tints for 2012, but nude and flesh toned pinks and cafe hues seem to be going on forever. Take nude shoe inspiration from royalty H.R.H Duchess of Cambridge.

Pastel Colour Fashions for 2012

Key pastel fashion looks for the spring summer season of 2012.  This article describes in detail the main pastel styles in dresses, jeans, shorts and other women's fashion.

Pleated & Lace Fabric Fashion Trends Summer 2012

Texture and contrasting textures are a growing trend for 2012. A whole generation of young women will be new to fine pleats.  See more on this key women's fashion trends 2012


Tangerine Women's Colour Fashion 2012

Tribal influences mean that colours are sometimes richer deeper and more burnt in hue - not quite rust.

This year bright jewel tangerine tango orange tones fade down from hot sunburst hues to gentle soft pastel peach, nude and apricot tones.


Tropical Trends

Hothouse birds of paradise and flowers in neon or pastel colours in pants, tops and maxi dresses.


Tribal Trends In Women's Clothes 2012

This article describes the main styles of tribal print in summer dresses and other women's fashion clothing.



Peplum Fashion Trends Summer 2012

This article describes the influence of peplum styles in dresses, skirts and tops in women's fashion for 2012


The perky peplum of old has competition from more innovative peplums with origami folds


Scarf Print & Paisley Fashion Trends 2012

There is an animal print for every woman bold or subtle. This article focuses on the main styles and trends in women's fur animal print garments.


Olympics 2012 Inspired Women's Sportswear Fashion 

Luxe sportswear takes inspiration from the track or field. This look embraces techno fabrics, and will be popular as the London Olympics of 2012 get underway.

Flapper and Sixties Retro Fashion Trends Summer 2012

One of the most important trends in women's dress for 2012 is the retro twenties flapper and sixties fashion look.


Sequin Party Dress Fashion 2012

Designers used oversized sequin Pailettes, Swarovski crystals, sequins, beads and studs to create outstanding crusted embellishments.


Women's Hot Pants for Autumn 2011

Winter shorts have become an alternative pants dressing for winter. But shorts of 2011/2012 are worn with greater elegance.


Animal Print Dresses for Fall 2011

For dresses, prints have changed subtly becoming distorted into animal digi-prints or abstracted animal patterns.

Navaho & Ponchos

Fur Trims On Coats & Jackets


Animal Print Accessories for AW11/12

Animal print is timeless, and acts as a bridging or updating print when used in novel ways.

Sequin Beaded Dress Fashion

Designers used oversized sequin beads, Swarovski crystals, sequins, Pailettes and studs to create outstanding rich patterns.





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