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Latest Fashion Trends For
Spring and Summer 2009

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This section describes the new fashion trends for Spring and Summer 2009. 

These pages show the key fashion trends in colours (yellow), 'looks' (one-shoulder) styles, tribal prints and fabrics.  In addition we have pages for the latest fashion accessories and designer looks.  

Fashion Trends - The Key Fashion Looks
Spring Summer 2009

Read the descriptions, and see photos of the top 20 fashion trends for Spring Summer 2009.

See Michelle Obama's shimmering yellow coat and fabulous one-shoulder dress.

Page Added 30th January 2009

Summer Dresses 2009 - Fashion Looks

Many of the dresses on this page illustrate the use of a wider A-line silhouette.  See how they show that other strong new fashion trend of greater modesty at the neckline.

March 2009 

Fashion Colour Trends 2009

Read a review of all the Spring 2009 Pantone Top Ten Fashion Colours. See how these colour trends compare with items on the UK High Street.

NEW Fashion colours include lavender blues, lemon and greens, blush tones and fuchsia red. See colourful must-have high street buys - summer dresses - shoes - bags.

Fashion Trends in Trousers and Pants Spring Summer 2009

Read the descriptions, and see photos of the top trousers and pant styles for Spring Summer 2009.

See the new peg-top carrot pants, wide leg trousers and distressed denim jeans.

Page Added 30th January 2009 

Fashion Trends in Jumpsuits, Playsuits and Shorts Spring Summer 2009

All-in-one jumpsuits and playsuits. Pantsuit styles for Spring Summer 2009.

Long  knee shorts and short shorts. Lots of pictures of jumpsuits. Andy Pandy jumpsuit styles.  Boden review.

Page Added 1 February 2009

Fashion Tribal Decoration

Ethnic inspired fashion designs had a huge following when the line was called Boho, but now this has morphed into a style which has evolved into a one world fashion tribal decoration style. See exotic tribal garments and accessories for Summer 2009


Jewels of Ocean
Couture, Luxury, High Jewellery

Jewels of Ocean are world leaders in the design and craftsmanship of fine jewellery. 

They strive to create comfort and confidence to wearers of their discreetly elegant jewellery.

Page added 12 Feb 2009

Women's Nautical Clothes for Summer Fashion 2009

Exclusive looking yacht and cruise wear is always in fashion.  It's quite clear that nautical military is also one of the enduring fashion trends of the noughties.

Monochrome Black & White Trend Summer 2009

Fashion Trends - The Key Fashion Looks
 Autumn 2008, Winter 2009

Read the descriptions, and see photos of the top 20 fashion trends for Autumn 2008, Winter 2009.

Coat Trends for 2008-2009

The Architectural Sculptured Silhouette.

Coat fabrics look as if they have been deliberately sculptured to make the focus on the more unusual display zones in the fashion silhouette.

Collars stand large, proud and high; excess fabric is folded into 3D configurations. The garments themselves make a fashion statement.

Page Added 10th August 2008.

Wardrobe Tips Fashion Trends of Autumn Winter 2008/9

The best fashion tip this autumn is: return to INVESTMENT DRESSING!

One of the strong trends this autumn is that of the pyramid coat. I will show you which silhouette is currently in vogue. Then you can decide how to choose the best silhouette to suit you.

Colour Fashion Mood Boards Autumn Winter 2008/9

A look at the main fashion trend colours presented as mood boards for Autumn 2008 and Winter 2009. View purple, red, sea green, inky blues and cocoa tones of colour mood boards.

Added 28 Aug 2008

Feb 2008

Key Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2008

All the top twenty key trends for the new season of spring 2008, summer 2008. A look at painterly and tribal prints, Ombre dip dye, floral pattern and print.  The top change in silhouette and new volume in skirts, dresses.  The jumpsuit and safari looks.

Page added 18 Jan 2008


Fashion Colour Trends for Spring & Summer 2008

A look at the dominant colour trends for 2008.  Yellow, blues, purple, orchid pink all feature strongly.

Fashion Colours, Fabric & Knit Trends Autumn 2008

The Autumn 2008 Winter 2009 fashion season is one full of attractive jewel colours, opulent fabrics, contrasting knit textures and exciting prints.


Van Cleef & Arpels
Couture, Luxury, High Jewellery

There is luxury jewellery, there are numerous couture jewellers, then at the top of the high jewellery tree is Van Cleef & Arpels.


Floral Print Dresses - Fashion Trends Summer 2008

The latest flower print fashions in day dress, prom dresses and maxi dresses. Plus Oasis 'Floral Frocks' a beautiful collection of four exclusive dresses based on original vintage prints from the mid C20th

March 2008 

Tribal Fashion Trends Summer 2008

Tribal fashion trends within summer fashion 2008. A look at prints, pattern, colours and dresses. Tribal styling in accessories

and jewellery.

March 2008


Accessories - Footwear, Wedge Shoes and Sandals Spring Summer 2008

26 pictures of high street shoe styles including colourful wedges, ankle strap shoes, Mary Janes and Gladiator sandals.

Add 28 February 2008


Gladiator Sandals, High Heel Sandals, Shoes and Boots Summer 2008

30 Styles of Gladiator influenced sandals and shoe boots.

Add 28 February 2008

Silver Sequin Glitz Fashion

Spangles, sequins, pailettes, call them what you will, sequins are big news this autumn.


Accessories - Handbag and Clutch Bag Trends Spring Summer 2008

Silhouette shapes for bags, texture and colour.  Added 26 Feb 2008

Sleeve and Shoulder Fashion Trends 2000-10

Explanation of the reasons behind the changes in sleeve and shoulder fashion in the noughties. These changes are interesting and important as they provide elements of the iconic silhouette for this era.

Fashion-era Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2007 Index


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