1960s Fashion History

Fashion History

By Pauline Weston Thomas for Fashion-Era.com

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Fashion History, Costume History - The rise of the 1960s mini skirt era, 1970s fashion, disco and punk influences.

60s and 70s with sport meets street style. Technological developments in history in the C20th.

The 1960s Mini

1960s Costume History. 50's fashion lives on until mid decade and 1965.

 Fashion history of Mary Quant and the 1960s fashion of the mini skirt. The death of stockings and introduction of pantyhose. Pinafore dresses and knit fabrics.

 Fashion History Revolution - the acceptance of trousers for 1960s women.  Man made yarns and innovative materials help contour styles.

1960s Fashion History 1962 Drawings

Colouring in picture.


1960-63 Fashion History Pictures

Slim dresses


1962-66 Fashion History Pictures

Mixed dresses


1964-67 Fashion History Pictures

A-line dresses


1965 Fashion History Pictures Suits

70s Disco Fashion

70s Disco Fashion. 1970s fashion history of all sorts of skirt lengths from micro, mini to maxi. Lighter weight clothes. Ethnic fashion and style trends as a result of broader travel experiences.

 Seventies Kaftans, flared trousers, platform shoes and fabrics.

 70's disco, tank tops and mix and match coordinated knitwear.


C20th Sports Fashion until 1960

Costume History of Sports fashion. Sports fashions for women bring dress emancipation. The acceptance of beach pyjamas in the 1920s.

 Tennis outfits break barriers and more functional clothing is accepted for skiing and other casual activities. 

Stretchy knits and military styles and post war functionalism in sportswear.

Fitness Fashion after 1960

Costume history of sports clothes and expedition wear in breathable fabrics of Gore-Tex and Sympatex infiltrate mainstream fashion and clothing lines. 

Fashion history of disco fitness craze of the 80s, adoption of shell suits as street wear. The 90s love of fleece. Speedo's technically designed swimming range, S2000.

Olympic athletes and sports names Nike and Adidas gain cult status in the 1990s.

Punk Fashion History Development in The 1970s

Costume History of early Punks. How aspects of Punk fashion, an anti establishment fashion, soon became accepted as part of mainstream styling by the turn of the 21st century. Punk fashion history origins.


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20th Century Major Innovations in History

A century of  ideas in history, medical discoveries, improvements in communication. The advent of flight and space exploration. Everyday technological advances.  Summary of C20th Innovations in History.


Late 1970s Fashion
College Picture

A real piece of fashion history in  college photograph of about 300 women between 18 and 65 and showing female hairstyles.
Circa 1977.

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