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Georgian Men's Fashion - 1760-1820

King George III - 1760-1820
by Dion Clayton Calthrop
Page 2 - Georgian Men's Fashion

By Pauline Weston Thomas for


King George III - 1760-1820
Page 2 - Daily & Occupational Dress of Men
English Costume History by Dion Clayton Calthrop


The occupational dress costume history images shown below are from the illustrations appendix to the chapter on late C18th English dress 1760-1820, and taken from English Costume by Dion Clayton Calthrop. As there are so many illustrations to this particular chapter, I have divided it into 3 sections. This page - Page 2 - Shows the occupational dress plates of men's clothing of this 60 year Georgian reign. For the Introduction to this book see this introduction written by Dion Clayton Calthrop.  My comments are in italics.

Men's English Costume Drawings GEORGE III

Calthrop wrote:-Throughout this long reign the changes of costume are so frequent, so varied, and so jumbled together, that any precise account of them would be impossible. I have endeavoured to give a leading example of most kind of styles in the budget of drawings which goes with this chapter.

Drawings by Calthrop to Illustrate the Costume of the Reign of George III - 1760-1820

The King The Navy The Army
Pensioners The Church The Law
The Stage The Universities The Country
The Duke of Norfolk The City The Duke of Queensberry

Georgian Men's Fashion Drawings 1 The King

Calthrop's The King

ABOVE - DRAWING 1 Calthrop's The King

Georgian Men's Fashion Drawings 2 The Navy

Calthrop's The Navy

ABOVE - DRAWING 2 Calthrop's The Navy

Georgian Men's Fashion Drawings 3 The Army

Calthrop's The Army

ABOVE - DRAWING 3 Calthrop's The Army

Georgian Men's Fashion Drawings 4 The Pensioners

Calthrop's The Pensioners

ABOVE - DRAWING 4 Calthrop's The Pensioners

Georgian Men's Fashion Drawings 5 The Church

Calthrop's The Church

ABOVE - DRAWING 5 Calthrop's The Church

Georgian Men's Fashion Drawings 6 The Law

Calthrop's The Law

ABOVE - DRAWING 6 Calthrop's The Law

Georgian Men's Fashion Drawings 7 The Stage

Calthrop's The Stage

ABOVE - DRAWING 7 Calthrop's The Stage

Georgian Men's Fashion Drawings 8  The Universities

Calthrop's The Universities

ABOVE - DRAWING 8 Calthrop's The Universities

Georgian Men's Fashion Drawings 9  The Country Man

Calthrop's The Country Man

ABOVE - DRAWING 9 - Calthrop's The Country Man

Georgian Men's Fashion Drawings 10 The Duke of Norfolk

Calthrop's The Duke of Norfolk

ABOVE - DRAWING 10 - Calthrop's The Duke of Norfolk

Georgian Men's Fashion Drawings 11 The City

Calthrop's The City Gentleman

ABOVE - DRAWING 11 - Calthrop's The City Gentleman

Georgian Men's Fashion Drawings 12 The Duke of Queensberry

Calthrop's The Duke of Queensberry

ABOVE - DRAWING 12 - Calthrop's The Duke of Queensberry

See a large number of images on the clothing of Georgian Men on a separate page here.

You have been reading English Costume History at © from the chapter on Hanoverian King George III 1760-1820, from Dion Clayton Calthrop's book English Costume.

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